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Award luncheon honors longtime Sun Devil employees

April 21, 2008

On April 7, ASU’s Office of Human Resources conducted its Sun Devil Service Award Luncheon, a special university celebration managed by the Office of Human Resources and hosted by the Office of the President. The event pays homage to classified and administrative staff, faculty members, and academic and service professionals who are celebrating 25-, 30-, 35- and 40-year anniversaries, and those retiring with 25 or more years of continuous service to ASU.

Joining ASU President Michael Crow in honoring employees at the luncheon and award ceremony were Elizabeth D. Capaldi, ASU’s executive vice president and provost; Christine Wilkinson, senior vice president and secretary of the university; Carol Campbell, executive vice president and chief financial officer; Paul Ward, vice president and general counsel; James Rund, vice president for university student initiatives; and Matthew McElrath, associate vice president and chief human resources officer.

The honorees included:

40 years of service

Reyes Holguin, Grounds Services; Peter Killeen, Department of Psychology; Christine Marin, Archives & Special Collections; and Noel Stowe, Department of History.

35 years of service

John Alcock, Administration & Faculty; Nicholas Appleton, Education Leadership & Policy Studies; Barry Bruns, Business and Finance; Jay Butler, Real Estate; Anthony Gully, School of Art; Donald Jackson Jr., Marketing; John Johnson, School of Justice and Social Inquiry; William Keating, Department of Political Science; Steffany Knirsch, Office of Human Resources; Lonnie Ostrom, Marketing; Carolyn Salinas, Academic & Professional Program Credit; Gordon Smith, University Technology Office; Barbara Stark, School of Human Evolution & Social Change; Sumner Starrfield, School of Earth & Space Exploration; Retha Warnicke, Department of History; Gail Wilson, School of Music; and Robert Youngblood, Department of Political Science.

30 years of service

Stewart Adams, ASU Police Department; Manuel Barrera, Department of Psychology; Rudolph Bilducia, Facilities Management; Daniel Breazeale, Department of English; David Brixen, Facilities Management Administration; John Brock, Department of Applied Biological Sciences; Daniel Brooks, Supply Chain Management; Gray Cavender, School of Justice and Social Inquiry; Patricia Coddington, Undergraduate Admissions; Rae Ann Dahlberg, Campus Health Service; Frank Davis, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry; Nancy Dickson, Institutional Analysis & Data Administration; Ira Ellman, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law; Barbara Eschbach, Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Affairs; George Gallinger, Finance; William Gertz, Library Information Systems & Technology; Ronald Greeley, School of Earth & Space Exploration; Eric Guilbeau, Harrington Department of Bioengineering; Jane Humble, Department of Technology Management; Marianne Jennings, Management; Michelle Johnson, Public Events Wells Fargo Arena Office; Dennis Karjala, Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law; Karen Kimerer, Professional Field Experiences; Anton Lawson, School of Life Sciences Administration & Faculty; Cecilia Longmore, The Department of Speech & Hearing Science; Julia Marvin, ASU Bookstore; Jeriann McIlvoy, Department of Political Science; Patricia McLaughlin, Residential Life Operations; E. Pearse O’Grady, Division of Computing Studies; Kurt Pany, School of Accountancy; Martin Pasqualetti, School of Geographical Sciences; Mary Susan Polenz, University Technology Office; Jeremy Rowe, School of Computing & Informatics; Susan Somerville, Department of Psychology; Karl Thomas, Moving and Events Services; Janice Thompson, School of Music; Wendy Vicens, American English & Culture Program; and Daniel Wilson, Department of Technology Management.

25 years of service

Elizabeth Anderson, Library Reference Services; Timothy Ault, Office of Planning and Budget; Robert Barling, Department of Physics; Louis Belken, Intercollegiate Athletics Administration; Connie Biebric, Hispanic Research Center; Heidi Bostwick, Student Financial Assistance; Mark Brand, Intercollegiate Athletics Administration; David Burstein, School of Earth & Space Exploration; Gregory Daneke, Morrison School of Management and Agribusiness; Harry Dawson, Aeronautical Management Technology; Thomas Dunny, University Club; Linda Elsasser, Music Library; Dorothy Galvez, W. P. Carey School of Business; Marsha Giles, Herberger College of the Arts; Robert Grondin, Department of Engineering; Thomas Groy, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry; Karl Guntermann, Finance; David Hickman, School of Music; Ronald Hoffmeister, Finance; Kenneth Hollin, Undergraduate Admissions; Donald Horak, University Technology Office; Michael Hutt, Marketing; Jeffrey Jackson, Mechanical Services; Paul Karoly, Department of Psychology; Beatrice Kastenbaum, College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation; Janice Kelly, Department of English; Mary Killeen, College of Nursing & Healthcare Innovation; Angelo Kinicki, Management; Richard Kinnier, Division of Psychology in Education; Janina Kokins, Office of Human Resources; Michael Landrith, Memorial Union; Marc Lesure, Engineering Technical Services; Teresa McCartney, Ira A. Fulton School of Engineering; Kit Minnifield, Bibliographic & Metadata Services; Hans Mittelmann, Department of Mathematics & Statistics; Roger Nelms, Grounds Services; John O’Connell, Institutional Advancement - Information Resources Management; Robert Oldani, School of Music; David Pijawka, School of Planning; Kathleen Renshaw, School of Letters and Sciences; Val Ross, ASU Bookstore; Otto Sankey, Department of Physics; Zoe Schildhauer, Department of Physics; Judy Schroeder, Memorial Union; Linda Shackle, Noble Library Reference Services; Darby Shaw, Academic Senate; Edward Skibo, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry; James Sliwicki, Office of Planning and Budget; Robert St Louis, Department of Information Systems; Christine Tancredi, Department of Technology Management; Daniel Tylavsky, Electrical Engineering; Emily Umberger, School of Art; Kenneth Vandenberg, KAET Public Television Station; Joanne Wamsley, Student Business Services; Kati Weingartner, University Technology Office; and Marjorie Zatz, School of Justice and Social Inquiry.


James Beckman, 28 years, Chemical Engineering; Wendell Brierly, 27 years, Residential Life; John Brock, 30 years, Applied Biological Sciences; William Davey, 31 years, International Programs; Carole Edelsky, 32 years, Division of Curriculum & Instruction; Marsha Giles, 25 years, Herberger College of the Arts; Anthony Gully, 36 years, School of Art; Nemi Jain, 32 years, The Hugh Downs School of Human Communication; Steffany Knirsch, 35 years, Office of Human Resources; William Lewis, 42 years, School of Computing & Informatics; Dennis Lohr, 28 years, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry; Albert McHenry, 30 years, Department of Electronic Systems; Michael McKelvy, 31 years, LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Science; Michael Melvin, 27 years, Department of Economics; Noreen Murray, 28 years, University College; Roger Nelms, 25 years, Grounds Services; E. Pearse O’Grady, 31 years, Division of Computing Studies; Cynthia O’Neil, 28 years, Department of Electrical Engineering; Harold Parker, 26 years, Engineering Tech Services; Stanley Parkinson, 37 years, Department of Psychology; Mary Susan Polenz, 30 years, University Technology Office; Etsuko Obata Reiman, 29 years, School of International Letters & Cultures; Mark Roberts, 28 years, ASU Police Department; Carolyn Salinas, 35 years, Academic & Professional Program Credit; Mary Swaty, 39 years, ASU Libraries; George Watson, 39 years, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication; and Joseph Wytko, 32 years, School of Music.

For more information about the Sun Devil Award for Service, visit the Web page

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