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ASU's K-8 charter schools eligible for tax credit

October 18, 2010

Arizona residents can support public education through the “school tax credit” program. Those with a tax liability can receive a credit on their Arizona taxes, a dollar for dollar return on the money they contribute to the public school of their choice, up to the state limit which is $200 for single tax filers and $400 for joint filers.

ASU’s public elementary charter schools are eligible for this tax credit. These two schools, which serve grades K-8, need the investment to improve their educational outcomes.

The campuses of ASU’s University Public Schools Inc. (UPSI) are currently in Phoenix and at the Polytechnic campus.  They serve 836 students, 50 percent of whom come from economically disadvantaged families according to federal free and reduced lunch eligibility requirements.

ASU created UPSI two years ago to increase academic student achievement, college entrance rates and college completion rates through the integration of a university-infused environment in grades K-12. 

Support from the tax credit program helps ASU further its mission by supplementing core academic programming with the extra-curricular activities that enhance academic achievement and provide enrichment experiences for students.

ASU’s University Public Schools provide individual learning plans for every student, supportive learning environments including multi-age grouping of students, collaborative teaching teams, hands-on problem-based learning, technologically-rich learning environments, physical fitness instruction, foreign language education and a university infused learning environment for students and teachers

Current expansion plans are underway for preschool and high school grades.

Donations must be made by Dec. 31, 2010. To donate, visit the UPSI Website at or make your check(s) payable to University Public Schools, Inc. prior to Dec. 31. Drop your check(s) off along with this completed form to one of our school front offices or mail them to:

University Public Schools, Inc.
PO Box 878405
Tempe, AZ 85287-8405

For more information please call: 602.496.3322 or visit