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ASU's Dan Gillmor looks at life of Steve Jobs

In his column for The Guardian, Dan Gillmor, digital media journalism professor at ASU, looks at the life and legacy of Steve Jobs in a piece titled, "Steve Jobs: a man of contradiction and genius."

"Jobs's career was in every sense astonishing," Gillmor writes. "He helped create Apple, the first serious personal computer company. He was banished by the managers he recruited. But his years away were hardly a wilderness. He led Pixar's ascent to one of the world's most creative film studios as it revolutionised animation, and he founded a "failure", NeXT, that became the foundation for the modern Mac operating system. Download Full Image

"Those years gave him the knowledge and skills he needed to lead Apple into its best years."

Article Source: The Guardian
Britt Lewis

Communications Specialist, ASU Library