ASU's Brian Macfie co-authors statistics textbook

<p>Brian Macfie, a lecturer in economics and statistics in the School of Global Management and Leadership at Arizona State University's West campus, has written a statistics book for students of political science and public policy. Co-authored with Phillip M. Nufrio, &quot;Applied Statistics for Public Policy&quot; is intended for students taking only one course in statistics.</p><separator></separator><p>&quot;This book will not turn you into a statistician,&quot; Macfie said. Its Microsoft Excel applications, written by Macfie and Nufrio, are what distinguish it from other textbooks. These Excel files help both student and teacher in the data process stage to reach intelligent interpretations of the meaning of the data.</p><separator></separator><p>Macfie, a 24-year veteran of public policy analysis, is a former manager of trend analysis for NJ TRANSIT Corporation in New Jersey. He also served as an economist in both the natural gas industry and state government. Macfie received his doctorate in global affairs from Rutgers University. He has a master's in economics, a Master of Business Administration in quantitative analysis, a master's in public policy, and a master's in political science.</p><separator></separator><p>He joined ASU's School of Global Management and Leadership in January 2003. In addition to teaching, Macfie provides statistical consulting services for litigation firms and economic valuation.</p><separator></separator><p>According to M.E. Sharpe, the book's publishing company: &quot;The authors' practical, hands-on approach helps students learn the meaning of statistical measures and be able to focus on interpreting results, as opposed to spending time memorizing and applying dozens of statistical formulae.&quot;</p><separator></separator><p>&quot;Applied Statistics for Public Policy&quot; is being distributed nationwide. It recently was featured at the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration conference in Washington, D.C.</p>