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ASU's Book Store Lacks Some of the Basics.

October 18, 2007

I lost my reading glasses today…you know the cheap kind you can buy at most discount stores in the valley. But they are important to people like myself who need to read the expensive books they buy.


After I determined that my reading glasses were lost, I knew the best solution was to go to the bookstore to buy some new ones.


Once I arrived and having located a very nice display of designer sunglasses, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I did not want to waste time so I asked the help desk where the reading glass kiosk was.


“We don’t carry those any more” was the answer.




The people at the desk suggested that I try the various stores at the MU.


Yes, of course I thought, the book store only sold books; the MU had two convenience stores a Burger King and clothing, etc.


As it turned out, there were no reading glasses there either.


Yesterday, when I had my reading glasses, I read an article that touts that ASU now has an enrollment of some plus or minus 63,000 students.


I guess I am the only student who needs reading glasses. At least that is what the purchasing department at the book store of a university with 63,000 students seems to have decided.


I guess what really chokes my chicken is that reading glasses are usually stocked by a rack jobber, requires a 6 foot diameter space, and offers a tremendous profit and no investment in inventory.


Oh well, I can only hope that when the book store reads this the problem will get fixed. Parking, you are next.