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ASU welcomes trio of President's Professors

February 02, 2007

Three exceptional faculty have been honored as this year's President's Professors. In its second year, the prestigious award was created to recognize tenured faculty who have made outstanding contributions to undergraduate education at ASU.


The awardees are chosen based on a variety of criteria, including a mastery of subject matter, enthusiasm and innovation in the learning and teaching process, an ability to engage students inside and outside the classroom, the ability to inspire independent and original thinking in students to stimulate students to do creative work, innovation in course and curriculum design, and scholarly contributions.


The 2007 President's Professors are:


• Jess Alberts, a professor of communication.


• Ted Humphrey, a professor of philosophy in Barrett, the Honors College.


Jane Maienschein• Jane Maienschein, a professor of biology.


“These three individuals bring a high level of distinction to ASU through commitment to their students and their research,” says ASU President Michael Crow. “As extraordinary teachers, scholars and innovators, they engage students inside and outside of the classroom, and create knowledge that serves us all.”


Maienschein, a School of Life Sciences Regents' professor, focuses on the history and philosophy of biology and its role in society. Maienschein's commitment to her field is exhibited through her extensive research and experimental analysis with the study of people, institutions, and changing social, political, and legal contexts.


Alberts has served in a multitude of leadership positions in the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication. She is a research leader who specializes in conflict in personal and professional relationships.


Humphrey is recognized for his leadership and innovation in Barrett, The Honors College. His studies concentrate on the philosophers, poets and revolutionaries in Latin America, and nation-building in 19th century Latin America .


Recipients of the award receive a $5,000 permanent increase to their base salary and a title of President's Professor for as long as they are at ASU. During the award year, they are released from non-teaching duties to work on special instructional projects and activities that will enhance undergraduate education, with an operations budget of $5,000. They also will join the Parents Professor award recipients as members of the Teaching Academy.


President's Professors are chosen by an advisory panel comprising six faculty members, a student, a Parents Association representative and an external reviewer.