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ASU-Thunderbird deal opens new opportunities for Sun Devil undergrads

March 23, 2007

Arizona State University’s School of Global Management and Leadership and the Thunderbird School of Global Management have signed an agreement that will allow ASU undergraduate students in their final semester in Leadership in International Management to take nine credit hours in one of Thunderbird’s new master’s programs, beginning in the fall of 2007.

“Students cannot have a complete and well-rounded business education in today's world without a clear understanding of global business and international affairs,” said Gary Waissi, dean of the School of Global Leadership and Management. “The new program unites the strength of ASU’s global undergraduate program with Thunderbird’s reputation as the leading graduate school of global management to educate the next generation of international leaders. We are excited to make this certificate program available to ASU students.”

ASU students who qualify for the Thunderbird program and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher will earn a Certificate in International Management. Upon acceptance into Thunderbird, students then can apply those credits toward one of Thunderbird’s new master’s degrees — a Master of Science in Global Management or a Master of Arts in Global Affairs and Management.

“The program is highly selective and intended for honors students who would likely be good candidates for Thunderbird’s new degree programs,” said Kay Keck, vice president of Thunderbird’s full-time programs. “Thunderbird’s two unique master’s degrees should be a natural next step for students pursuing ASU’s undergraduate degree in Leadership in International Management.”

ASU’s partnership with Thunderbird is the most recent development in a number of new initiatives in the School of Global Management and Leadership. Last year, the School introduced the Leadership in International Management program to enhance global business degree opportunities as well as offer students a higher level of learning and multi-cultural experiences. The Leadership in International Management degree is unique to ASU’s School of Global Management and Leadership in that it is the only undergraduate program with a second language and international study requirement. ASU students graduating with this degree will be at least bilingual, and will have multicultural and study abroad experience. These students are those seeking the school’s highest level of international learning and multicultural experience.

In December, the School launched a pair of new graduate degree programs, the Master’s of Accountancy and Applied Leadership and the Master's of Applied Leadership and Management. The programs will open to students in the fall and were created to address and fulfill growing leadership opportunities in business.

Until recently, Thunderbird’s degree offerings were strictly MBA programs, which require prior work experience. The new degrees extend Thunderbird’s global management education to students who may have little or no prior business coursework or work experience, including admitting students straight out of undergraduate school.

“Offering this certificate program with ASU will provide students a great opportunity to tap Thunderbird’s global expertise and to get a taste of the Thunderbird experience,” Keck said. “As the world’s No. 1-ranked school of global management, Thunderbird welcomes this opportunity to partner with ASU to educate the next generation of global leaders.”