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ASU tests emergency messaging system

February 02, 2010

Arizona State University tested its ASU Alert emergency messaging system on Feb. 2, 2010, with added features that expand the university’s capability to reach all members of the ASU community during an emergency.

E2 Campus, the university’s emergency messaging provider, recently integrated ASU Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds into its profiles, expanding the reach and audience of those who receive messages should an emergency occur at the university. ASU has utilized e2 Campus services during past emergencies to alert the community, primarily through text messaging.

ASU now has the capability to send university-wide emergency emails any time of day or night since student, faculty and staff emails have been incorporated into ASU Alert messaging options, offering even broader notification during emergencies.

“ASU is able to reach the broad university community through emergency email notifications.  We would like to emphasize that students, faculty and staff should still sign up for the ASU Alert text messaging service.  It’s important to utilize multiple communication options during emergencies, especially when so many of today’s students communicate primarily through text messaging,” says Morgan R. Olsen, executive vice president, treasurer and chief financial officer.

ASU Alert messages are distributed through the ASU Alert Twitter feed, ASU Facebook page, ASU RSS feeds and through emails. Students, faculty and staff who subscribe to the university’s emergency message alert system can find out information such as areas to avoid, buildings affected and street closures. Other methods that emergency responders use to alert the community include door-to-door notifications, reverse 911 calls, emergency hotline updates and web page updates.

ASU Alert messages are sent during emergencies on one of ASU's campuses or in the immediate vicinity. Messages that are sent in case of an emergency contain safety information or instructions. Having this information enables individuals to take appropriate action if needed. This service is used only for emergency messaging.

An ASU computer user ID and password are needed to receive ASU Alert notifications. Sign up for ASU Alert at Other communication options can be added by following ASU Alert on Twitter at; ASU on Facebook at; and ASU RSS feeds at Any problems associated with today’s ASU Alert test, may be reported to