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ASU research, programs relate to sci-fi exhibit

August 23, 2010

Related ASU Involvement and Research:

Lawrence Krauss, professor, School of Earth & Space Exploration, author of "The Physics of Star Trek,"

ASU professors Clark Miller ( and Ira Bennett (, "Thinking Longer Term about Technology: Is there Value in Science Fiction-Inspired Approaches to Constructing Futures?" in Science and Public Policy, volume 35, issue 8, 2008.

ASU lecturer and science fiction author Paul Cook ( ASU Libraries Special Collections holds his works and other papers.

Moon/Space Travel:

“ASU research lifts off,” by Katie Shoultz

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera:

Apollo Image Archive:


Robotics Camp:

ASU Robotics Team:;

SunDevil ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) at ASU Polytechnic:


Mars Space Flight Facility:


Mor lab and Bioscavenger project:

Itsy-bitsy dna spider:


Sustainable P initiative:

Related book by Robert Sterner and James Elser, ASU professor and Sustainable P initiative group member, "Ecological Stoichiometry : The Biology of Elements from Molecules to the Biosphere"

Books from the exhibit:
*Copy on reserve at Noble Library Info Desk


"The First Men in the Moon," H G Wells.

*"Frankenstein, or the Modern Prometheus," Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley.

*“The Challenge of the Spaceship,” Arthur C. Clarke

"Lost on the Moon," Roy Rockwood.

*"The Man in the Moon," Francis Godwin (1638).

*“I, Robot,” Isaac Asimov

*"War of the Worlds," H G Wells.

"Plunge Into Space," Robert Cromie, (1891).

*“The Martian Chronicles,” Ray Bradbury.

*"Brave New World," Aldous Huxley.

*“The Left Hand of Darkness,” Ursula K. Le Guin

*“Beyond This Horizon,” Robert A. Heinlein

*“Dune,” Frank Herbert

*“Solar,” Ian McEwan

ASU Libraries' Department of Archives and Special Collections: