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ASU to remain open through possible shutdown

June 30, 2009
Statement from ASU President Michael Crow

Arizona State University, which has nearly 20,000 students attending summer classes and programs, more than 10,000 staff and students involved in research supported by a wide range of funding sources, and 70,000 students arriving in 6 weeks for the fall semester will remain open for service during this period of financial decisions by our partner, the State of Arizona.

More than 75 percent of ASU operating revenues come from sources other than the state of Arizona. Specific tuition driven and research driven revenues fund our summer operations. As a result we will focus our attention relative to state funding interruptions on our planning for the fall semester.

A state government shutdown lasting through the opening of the fall semester on Aug. 24 would impact staffing and program availability significantly.  The exact impact and the ability of the university to operate normally will be evaluated on a weekly basis moving forward.  

In the interim all assignments and work of the university will move forward.

Michael M. Crow,
ASU President