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ASU professors write and present article

Carissa Hessick
September 21, 2011

Professor Carissa Byrne Hessick spoke about her article, “Double Jeopardy as a Limit on Punishment,” at the University of Iowa College of Law on Sept. 16, in Iowa City, Iowa.

The article is the second in a series that Carissa is writing, along with Professor Andy Hessick, on constitutional protections at sentencing. The first article in the series, “Recognizing Constitutional Rights at Sentencing,” was published earlier this year in the California Law Review.

The Hessicks are writing a third article that focuses more specifically on procedural rights at sentencing.

Carissa Hessick has been invited to speak about the double jeopardy article at a number of schools this fall. Earlier this month she traveled to Emory Law in Atlanta, and next month she will travel to the University of Texas at Austin School of Law to present the paper.

Carissa Hessick joined the College of Law faculty in 2007 after spending two years as a Climenko Fellow at Harvard Law School. She is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Law School. Her research focuses on aggravation and mitigation at sentencing. She teaches criminal law and criminal procedure, and in 2009 she was voted outstanding teacher of the year by the graduating third year students.