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ASU Police awarded grants, participating in DUI task force

December 17, 2009

The Arizona State University Police Department has been awarded Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Task Force and Youth Alcohol Enforcement grants from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.    

The grants will be used to purchase blood-alcohol concentration detection devices and will fund officer’s overtime for enforcing violations for underage alcohol consumption and possession, aggressive driving, impaired driving, speeding and other highway safety laws. Two grants that were funded through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration were awarded to the department for $27,000 and $1,532.

Equipment and overtime funded through the grants will also be used for public education activities and targeted traffic and alcohol enforcement in an effort to reduce serious injuries and fatal accidents in and around the ASU campuses. The ASU Police Department will continue to enforce zero tolerance during the holiday season.

In addition, the ASU Police Department is participating in statewide Arizona DUI Task Forces with an emphasis on the holidays and targeted event days throughout the year. ASU police officers, along with nearly 125 officers from local agencies, will join forces and conduct saturation patrols in different East valley locations. Officers will also enforce a zero tolerance policy for underage drinkers and will actively search out and cite people under age 21 who are found to have alcohol in their possession or system.   

The ASU Police Department encourages everyone in the community to do their part in making roadways safe by diligently obeying traffic and alcohol laws and by driving safely.