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ASU Police announces employee referral program

October 09, 2013

Editor's note: This story is from 2013, and the referral program is no longer active. However, to learn more about ASU Police career opportunities, click here.

Could you use an extra $1,500? If the answer is yes, then the ASU Police Department wants to talk to you right now.

The Police Department’s Employee Referral Program rewards current benefits-eligible ASU employees who refer new employees to the university’s police department and also helps the ASU Police Department meet its recruitment goals. 

To receive a referral award, you must use the approved referral form. The department is looking for both Police Officer Recruits who want to begin a career in law enforcement and current Police Officers who want to continue their careers at ASU. The $1,500 referral reward will be paid only if the person you refer is subsequently employed by ASU and successfully completes the required training programs.

The university will consider the referral reward a temporary pay increase. It will be taxed accordingly and paid out in one pay period. ASU Office of Human Resources employees and ASU Police Officers at the rank of commander or above are ineligible to receive this referral reward.

For complete details about the program and its rules, visit the Employee Referral Program online. You will be able to read job descriptions for both available positions and also download the referral form you will need.

Questions? Contact Regina Guiterrez at