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ASU partners with Pearson to expand online learning

October 12, 2010

Partnership will reach new students and enhance online student experience

ASU and Pearson announced an innovative partnership to develop new technology and management services to support ASU’s online students. The agreement will equip ASU with various capabilities designed to maximize learning outcomes through student engagement and retention, as well as increase overall course offerings. It will enable the university to reach potential students around the country who are not served by brick and mortar or other online institutions.

“When it comes to learning online, there is a direct correlation between quality services and student success,” said Philip Regier, executive vice provost and dean of ASU Online. “The reality is that learning online is very demanding and most students already have family and work responsibilities. The more support they receive, the better their learning outcomes and overall experience will be.”

“At Pearson, we’re committed to remaining at the leading edge of technological innovation and serving as a trusted adviser to today’s leading higher education institutions – this is evident in our new relationship with ASU,” said Matt Leavy, CEO of Pearson eCollege. “With ASU, not only are we establishing a solid technology foundation capable of scaling alongside their online program, we’re playing a critical role in managing the growth of their online programs, engaging potential students and helping to retain them once they are enrolled.”

Under the agreement, ASU faculty will continue to design and teach every online course as well as establish and enforce all instructional and academic policies. Pearson will provide: Pearson LearningStudio, its learning management system, for the delivery of ASU online programs; Academic Enterprise Reporting to monitor and analyze trends in student performance; and Learning Outcome Manager for tracking the achievement of learning objectives and goals.

In addition, Pearson will provide enrollment support services for ASU Online undergraduate programs, to include engagement, retention and student services. In that capacity, Pearson will employ prospect generation services that engage prospective students at every stage of the enrollment process. Pearson also will be responsible for ensuring that students remain engaged throughout the enrollment process.

Pearson LearningStudio serves more than 9 million students around the globe. The technology offers a personalized learning environment built on an advanced, scalable and dependable Software as a Service platform. For more information on Pearson LearningStudio, please visit