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ASU, OKI Printing Solutions team up to excite literacy in Arizona schools

May 21, 2007

MESA, Ariz. — Arizona State University is partnering with OKI® Printing Solutions to create the OKI Literacy and Technology Project. The project aims to increase fourth to eighth grade students’ interest and achievement in reading and writing using OKI print and digital technologies.

Professors at ASU’s School of Educational Innovation and Teacher Preparation at the Polytechnic campus recognize the need to motivate and excite elementary school students about reading and writing and improve standardized test scores in Arizona.

“The partnership is enabling us to provide an exciting approach to teach reading and writing skills,” said Dr. Janel White-Taylor, project director and ASU education professor.  “We are focused on developing solutions that enhance the learning experience, and the OKI Literacy and Technology Project is furthering our mission in the community.”  

OKI Printing Solutions has expertise in the K-12 education segment, so they were a perfect fit for the project.

“OKI Printing Solutions is excited for the opportunity to partner with ASU, because the project enables us to apply our resources and commitment to K-12, in order to continue to drive the educational benefits of color output in the classroom,” said Regina Schoeffel, Industry Marketing Manager, Oki Data Americas.

The color printers will aid students in completing various literacy projects, which will be part of a five-year study conducted by ASU faculty. The study includes diverse students in underserved and well-served schools, as well as after school programs, from 10 elementary schools in Maricopa County.

“We are thrilled to support ASU in its mission to enhance the educational experience for both teachers and students, and we look forward to seeing results from the study,” said Schoeffel.

The OKI Literacy and Technology Project may be the first study of its kind to measure the effectiveness and value of color in enhancing the education process.

Students will use the printers to create books, dramas and plays, which they will showcase to industry professionals each semester at the OKI Writers’ Conference.

By engaging students with color output, ASU project managers plan to prove the significant impact the projects have in exciting students to learn and improve their overall test scores.

In addition to young students benefiting from the project, ASU students will gain first-hand knowledge of literacy and writing programs that work.

“The project creates quality internship opportunities for ASU Education students,” said Deb Toolson, project manager. “ASU students will intern for up to five hours per week for 15 weeks, providing literacy workshops for the fourth to eighth grade students.”

The interns who are considered pre-service teachers will be trained with the curriculum and will work with classroom teachers to roll out the programs this fall.

“This is a great life experience for ASU and participating school students,” said White-Taylor. “The students are not only learning about reading and writing, but they are learning about the use of technology, art and even entrepreneurial skills.”

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