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ASU named one of 7 best colleges for free speech

<p>Arizona State University has been listed as one of the seven best colleges for Free Speech by Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.</p><p>"Ideal schools for the list were those that earn a 'green light' rating from FIRE – meaning that their policies at least nominally protect speech that would be protected by the First Amendment –&nbsp;and that have not committed a serious incident of censorship (that we know about) for at least several years," according to Lukianoff.</p><p>"The largest public college in the country by enrollment, Arizona State University clinched its position on this list earlier this year when it eliminated its last questionable policy on expression. ASU also earns a top spot because it is unusual for us to hear so few claims of free speech violations from a school the size of a small city," Lukianoff says.</p>

Article Source: Huffington Post
Lisa Robbins

Editor/publisher, Media Relations and Strategic Communications