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ASU Magazine highlights simulation, modeling technology in latest issue

ASU Magazine December 2013
December 10, 2013

The December 2013 edition of ASU Magazine features a cover story that discusses how the university is a leader in the world of modeling and simulations, which help professionals in a broad range of fields accomplish tasks that are too difficult, expensive or dangerous to perform without adequate rehearsal or testing.

The cover story, “This is only a test,” reports on the doctoral program on simulation and modeling within ASU’s College of Technology and Innovation, a first-in-the-nation degree program that focuses on the science behind creating effective simulations.

It also discusses similar efforts to improve the science of simulation and modeling being performed by the Arizona Center for Integrative Modeling and Simulation, which is situated within the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering. It also provides details on efforts within the College of Nursing and Health Innovation to use patient-care simulations to improve the skills of student nurses and the work of the university’s Partnership for Research in Spatial Modeling, a cross-disciplinary project that focuses on improving the state of 3-D modeling for applications in medicine, art, engineering and many other fields.

The issue also includes two other feature sections. One feature, titled “Getting to zero,” shares information about ASU’s efforts to reach carbon neutrality as an institution by 2025, and to offset all emissions of university-generated transportation by 2035. The other feature, “We the people,” reports on the many university programs that encourage a vigorous civic life among students and alumni, and promote participation at all levels of public service and government.

In addition to these feature stories, the September edition includes a sports story on ASU’s long history of supporting women’s athletics, including the period before the landmark 1972 Title IX federal legislation; an arts story on the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, which is headquartered at ASU; updates on ASU’s sports teams; news and photos from alumni chapters across the country; and a full complement of alumni-focused news reports in the Class Notes section.

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