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ASU Magazine highlights security research, nature-inspired design in latest issue

ASU Magazine March 2013
April 04, 2013

The March 2013 edition of ASU Magazine features a cover story on the university’s research in the areas of defense, security and peacemaking, and provides a glimpse into ASU’s contributions to biomimicry, a design discipline that taps the wisdom of the natural world to solve uniquely human problems.

The cover story, “Safe and Sound,” describes defense and security-related research being conducted at the university, as well as work focused on how the United States can make peace with other nations and groups. Research highlighted runs the gamut from new tools for American military forces, technology that senses the presence of biological threats to a community, and better ways of orchestrating responses to an emergency, to scholarship that focuses on defusing conflicts by better understanding the worldview of one’s opponent.

A second feature section, entitled “Listening to Mother Nature,” describes the work of university faculty and students in the field of biomimicry, a design discipline that draws inspiration from nature to provide better solutions to human problems such as building sustainable dwellings, dealing with waste products properly, or adapting to extreme climates.

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A third feature, “Delivering Health,” reports on ASU’s Health Solutions initiative and its efforts to design a new, more efficient model of health care delivery and encourage a paradigm shift from treatment to prevention.

In addition to these three features, the March edition includes a sports story on Sun Devil student-athletes who give back to the community through service projects; an arts story on the expanding presence of the dance community at ASU into new fields of endeavor; updates on ASU’s sports teams; news and photos from alumni chapters across the country; and a full complement of alumni-focused news reports in the Class Notes section.

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