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ASU lecturer cited in article about the pressure to be a ‘perfect mom’

In a recent article by The Arizona Republic, author Karina Bland delves into the pressure to be a "perfect mom." She writes, “Google the phrase 'perfect mom,' and more than 260,000 results pop up, including quizzes, blogs, sites filled with exquisite crafts and goals, not to mention books with titles like 'Dirty Little Secrets From Otherwise Perfect Moms,' '1,000 Reasons You Are the Perfect Mom,' or 'I Killed June Cleaver: Modern Moms Shatter the Myth of Perfect Parenting.' 

Denise Bodman, a principal lecturer from Arizona State University’s T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics, is cited in the article. Bodman has a great deal of insight into the makeup of the family unit, leading courses such as FAS 331– Marriage and Family Relationships. Woman holding child up by a water sunset Photo by Pixabay from
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She said, “The pressure to be perfect comes almost all from ourselves, but it is because of the voices we have yelling in our ears and in the back of our minds. And our culture is so invisible, and so invasive, that we don't even hear those voices coming in. They are just there."

Article Source: The Arizona Republic
John Keeney

Media Relations Coordinator, T. Denny Sanford School of Social and Family Dynamics