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ASU expert: Black uniforms will not impair Devils in the heat

September 6, 2011

ASU expert Michael Angilletta, who studies the adaptation of organisms to their environment in the ASU School of Life Sciences, says that the all-black uniforms the Sun Devils will debut against Missouri, Sept. 9, will have no effect as far as heat is concerned.

Fans are being asked to come dressed in black for Friday's game, coined the Black Out game, and some fans have expressed concern that the black shirts could be hotter than white or gold, despite the fact the game is scheduled for a 7:30 p.m. kickoff.

After sunset, when most ASU home games are played, it's infrared radiation that makes a difference, not solar radiation, says Angilletta. As a result, black clothing, whether it be uniforms or shirts and shorts, will be the same temperature as any other color of clothing.