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ASU, Arizona-Mexico Commission launch online funding database

January 22, 2009

The ASU Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation has added a new resource to its portfolio of programs to help nonprofit organizations. The Arizona Grants Access Tool and Experts Source (AzGATES) is an online database connecting those in need of funding with local, national and international sponsors who can help serve that need. AzGATES was created by Arizona State University and the Arizona-Mexico Commission to serve as Arizona’s premier resource for obtaining funding for priority projects throughout the state. In becoming a program of the Lodestar Center, the Center will continue to develop the database and increase its awareness among nonprofits that could benefit from its resources.

Governor Napolitano recognized that a deficiency of funding throughout the state, specifically near the border region, was a continuing issue hindering economic development in Arizona. Many people know that funding is available, but identifying it can be a daunting task. AzGATES can be utilized by individuals, organizations and communities for almost any type of project in Arizona, thereby increasing access to funding resources for anyone who seeks it.

“A knowledge and tools resource like AzGATES is valuable at any time to help build the capacity of the nonprofit sector,” said Dr. Robert F. Ashcraft, director of the Lodestar Center and professor of nonprofit studies at ASU. “But it is even more important now during this time of fiscal stress. Connecting those who provide essential services with those funders who grant in areas of interest is a promise of AzGATES by extending the capacity building mission of our center into an important arena for our community.”

AzGATES, includes:

• Advanced search options: Search by area of interest, type of sponsor, deadlines or type of support.

• List of top sponsors: Allows user quick access to those who give the most funding in Arizona.

• Collaboration Suite: Helps user identify potential partners for projects.

• Personalized funding alerts: Alerts sent directly to the user’s e-mail address, providing access to the latest grant information.

• AzGATES caters specifically Arizona residents, communities, and organizations by providing the most relevant funding opportunities possible.

Access is free and includes a member profile.

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