ASU announces phase out of Sun Dollars program

ASU appreciates your continued support of the Sun Dollars program at the university. Sun Dollars has been offered as a form of payment attached to the ASU Sun Card for the past 15 years. The costs associated with processing Sun Dollar transactions have increased for our merchants in recent years, while participation in the program by our students and staff substantially has decreased. As a result, ASU will phase out the Sun Dollars program by the end of July 2012. Until that date, the program remains fully functional.
Sun Dollars patrons with current balances in their account may want to spend their remaining balance at places like the ASU Book Store, on food and beverages, and at local off-campus stores where Sun Dollars are accepted, between now and July 14, 2012.

Please note the following important Sun Dollars phase-out dates:

• No new deposits will be accepted after July 1, 2012.

• At midnight on July 14, 2012, vendors will no longer accept Sun   Dollars. However, a few on-campus merchants may continue to accept Sun Dollars through July 31, 2012, for things such as equipment rental, laundry and printing services for university conference attendees and summer students.

• The Sun Dollars Program ends on July 31, 2012.

• Sun Dollars account holders who have a balance after July 31, 2012 will have the balance transferred to their ASU Student Account.

In partnership with MidFirst Bank, ASU students, faculty, staff, alumni, fans and friends will be offered special programs for personalized banking services. ASU community members now can choose the Pitchfork ID MasterCard Check Card, which combines ASU identification card features with check card functionality linked to a MidFirst Bank personal checking account. The basic Sun Card is still available to those who do not wish to open a MidFirst checking account and obtain a Pitchfork ID.
Both the Pitchfork ID card and the Sun Card are considered official forms of ASU ID for ASU at all locations.
ASU Sun Card holders are still provided discounts from local merchants through the Use It Here program. Discounts at local merchants continue to be offered to those who show their Sun Card, or the new Pitchfork ID card.

For more information and to manage your Sun Card account, visit