ASU’s Spring 2009 graduates by the numbers

<p>More than 9,000 students across 21 colleges on four campuses have applied for Spring 2009 graduation at Arizona State University.<br />Among the graduates are a university-record 17 Fulbright Scholars, as well as 952 students who will receive diplomas Summa Cum Laude, 682 Magna Cum Laude and 772 Cum Laude.   </p><separator></separator><p>Of the 9,000-plus students seeking diplomas, 6,594 will receive bachelor’s degrees, 2,243 will receive master’s degrees, and 286 will receive their doctoral degree.  Among the Spring 2009 graduating class are 144 law students receiving a juris doctor from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.</p><separator></separator><p>The largest graduating class comes from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which will graduate 2,452 students, including 2,158 who will receive bachelor’s degrees.  The largest number of graduate degrees – 746 – comes from the W.P. Carey School of Business.  Of the 746 advanced degrees awarded by the Carey school, 12 are doctoral degrees.  The largest number of doctoral degrees is in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, which will present 106 doctoral degrees.</p><separator></separator><p>The most popular undergraduate degree is Interdisciplinary Studies, a part of the School of Letters and Sciences, as 392 students will be presented with a degree in that major.  The most popular graduate degree is W.P. Carey’s M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration), which will be awarded to 591 students.<br /><br />Most popular degrees to be awarded by college/school (numbers are approximate):<br /><br /><b>Applied Arts and Sciences, School of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 143, Graduate: 18, Total: 161<br />Top two bachelor’s degrees:<br />Nutrition: 53<br />Exercise and Wellness: 42<br />Top two master’s degrees:<br />Nutrition: 6<br />Exercise and Wellness: 6<br /><br /><b>Arts, Katherine K. Herberger College of the:</b><br />Undergraduate: 258, Graduate: 99, Total: 357<br />Top two bachelor’s degrees:<br />Art: 138<br />Performance: 32<br />Top two graduate degrees:<br />Performance: 44<br />Music: 19<br /><br /><b>Business, W. P. Carey School of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 794, Graduate: 746, Total: 1,540<br />Top five bachelor’s degrees:<br />Marketing: 190<br />Finance: 178<br />Management: 124<br />Supply Chain Management: 106<br />Accounting: 83<br />Top three master’s degrees:<br />M.B.A.: 591<br />M.S., Information Management: 75<br />Master of Accountancy: 42<br /><br /><b>Design, College of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 377, Graduate: 91, Total: 468<br />Top three bachelor’s degrees:<br />Design Studies: 131<br />Architectural Studies: 54<br />Housing and Community Development: 49<br />Top two graduate degrees:<br />Architecture: 31<br />Real Estate Development: 29<br /><b></b></p><separator></separator><p><b>Education, Mary Lou Fulton College of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 360, Graduate: 264, Total: 624<br />Top five bachelor’s degrees:<br />Elementary Education: 118<br />Secondary Education: 93<br />Elementary Education (Multilingual/Multicultural): 46<br />Early Childhood Education: 35<br />Special Education: 28<br />Top three master’s degrees:<br />Curriculum and Instruction (Secondary Education): 67<br />Curriculum and Instruction (Elementary Education): 48<br />Higher and Post-Secondary Education: 30<br />Top three doctoral degrees:<br />Ed.D., Educational Administration and Supervision: 15<br />Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction (Language and Literacy): 4<br />Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction (Special Education): 4<br /><br /><b>Educational Innovation and Teacher Preparation, School of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 68, Graduate: 21, Total: 89<br />Top bachelor’s degree:<br />Elementary Education: 41<br />Top master’s degree:<br />Curriculum and Instruction: 14<br /><br /><b>Engineering, Ira A. Fulton School of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 452, Graduate: 310, Total: 762<br />Top five bachelor’s degrees:<br />Mechanical Engineering: 68<br />Electrical Engineering: 62<br />Civil Engineering: 56<br />Bioengineering: 53<br />Chemical Engineering: 41<br />Top three master’s degrees:<br />Electrical Engineering: 88<br />Industrial Engineering: 32<br />Electrical Engineering: 20<br /><b><br />Global Mana</b><b>gement and Leadership, School of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 234, Graduate: 25, Total: 259<br />Top four bachelor’s degrees:<br />Global Business/Financial Management: 75<br />Global Business/Leadership and Management: 65<br />Accountancy: 46<br />Global Business/Marketing: 43<br />Top three master’s degrees:<br />M.B.A.: 21<br />Master of Applied Leadership and Management: 7<br />Master of Professional Accountancy: 7<br /><br /><b>Human Services, College of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 2, Total: 2<br />Top bachelor’s degree:<br />Communication Studies: 2<br /><br /><b>Journalism and Mass Communication, Walter Cronkite School of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 147, Graduate: 12, Total: 159<br />Top bachelor’s degree:<br />Journalism and Mass Communication: 146<br />Top master’s degree:<br />Master of Mass Communication: 12<br /><br /><b>Law, Sandra Day O’Connor College of:</b><br />Graduate: 153, Total: 153<br />Juris Doctor: 144<br /><br /><b>Letters and Sciences, School of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 392, Total: 392<br />Top bachelor’s degree:<br />Interdisciplinary Studies: 392<br /><br /><b>Liberal Arts and Sciences, College of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 2,158, Graduate: 294, Total: 2,452<br />Top five bachelor’s degrees:<br />Psychology: 271<br />Communication: 233<br />Political Science: 206<br />English: 153<br />Kinesiology: 139<br />Top three master’s degrees:<br />Geography: 42<br />English: 34<br />Communication Disorders: 30<br />Top three Ph.D. degrees:<br />English: 16<br />Psychology: 12<br />Chemistry: 11<br /><br /><b>Management and Agribusiness, Morrison School of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 158, Graduate: 2, Total: 160<br />Top bachelor’s degree:<br />Agribusiness: 48<br />Top master’s degree:<br />Agribusiness: 2<br /><b></b></p><separator></separator><p><b>New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences:</b><br />Undergraduate: 364, Graduate: 11, Total: 375<br />Top three bachelor’s degrees:<br />Psychology: 102<br />Life Sciences: 55<br />Communication Studies: 44<br />Top master’s degree:<br />Communication Studies: 6<br /><br /><b>Nursing &amp; Healthcare Innovation, College of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 145, Graduate: 6, Total: 151<br />Top bachelor’s degree:<br />Nursing: 145<br />Top graduate degree:<br />Nursing and Healthcare Innovation: 3<br /><br /><b>Public Programs, College of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 255, Graduate: 284, Total: 539<br />Top two bachelor’s degrees:<br />Social Work: 103<br />Criminal Justice and Criminology: 91<br />Top two graduate degrees:<br />Social Work: 213<br />Public Administration: 39<br /><br /><b>Sustainability, School of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 2, Graduate: 1, Total: 3<br />Top bachelor’s degree:<br />Sustainability: 2<br /><br /><b>Teacher Education and Leadership, College of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 169, Graduate: 284, Total: 453<br />Top bachelor’s degree:<br />Elementary Education: 96<br />Top two master’s degrees:<br />Elementary Education: 114<br />Secondary Education: 85<br />Top doctoral degree:<br />Leadership and Innovation: 20<br /><br /><b>Technology and Innovation, College of:</b><br />Undergraduate: 116, Graduate: 50, Total: 166<br />Top two bachelor’s degrees:<br />Aeronautical Management Technology: 38<br />Applied Science: 26<br />Top master’s degree:<br />Technology: 40<br /><br /><b>Graduate College:</b><br />Graduate: 2, Total: 2</p>