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American Solar Electric moves to SkySong

August 21, 2007

ASU has announced that Scottsdale-based American Solar Electric will be moving about half of its 32 employees to Skysong – ASU’s Scottsdale Innovation Center.

American Solar Electric designs and builds photovoltaic (solar electric) power systems for commercial, industrial and residential clients. The company is responsible for the installation of more than 3 megawatts (MW) of photovoltaic (PV) power in Arizona.

American Solar Electric expects to install about 1.5 MW of solar electric power by the end of this year, and the company aims to increase that number to 5 MW per year by 2010. It also plans to expand, opening regional sales offices this year in Northern and Southern Arizona. Recent large projects include installations for Tucson, and for Taylor & Associates. The company is under contract to Frito-Lay for what will become one of Arizona’s largest rooftop PV systems.

The staff at SkySong will consist of teams focusing in management, engineering, sales, marketing and accounting.

President and co-owner Sean Seitz believes that entering into SkySong will present a mutually beneficial atmosphere by building relationships with ASU, as well as other companies moving into the center.

“SkySong provides American Solar Electric with a number synergistic opportunities,” Seitz says. “Between collaboration with ASU and the other businesses locating at the campus, we expect our presence on the campus to open up new partnerships and business opportunities.”
Seitz also is pleased to remain close to the company’s Scottsdale roots.

“Maintaining a presence in Scottsdale is also important to us,” he says. “It’s where we started, and we appreciate the leadership the city has given in the area of promoting ‘green’ building and solar energy development.”

The company joins other trend-setting firms at SkySong, such as FScreen Sci-Tech Co (a solar technology firm from China) Aurigin Technology (a biomedical technology firm from Singapore) and Sebit (an e-Learning firm from Turkey).