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American Dream Academy, Salt River Project extend sponsorship agreement

August 01, 2011

Salt River Project (SRP) and The American Dream Academy (ADA) have renewed their sponsorship agreement for three more years, extending their official relationship into 2015. The agreement calls for SRP to be the exclusive utility sponsor of ADA programs within the SRP service delivery area. SRP is the third-largest public power utility in the United States, serving more than 940,000 electric customers in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

The agreement includes investment by SRP in the amount of $300,000 and provides for a multitude of opportunities for collaboration on programmatic materials, events and publications to educate and encourage responsible energy usage among parents enrolled in ADA programming. 

“Through this partnership, we are able to continue our work in parental engagement, and in conjunction with our SRP Mini Lessons, also teach energy conservation and safety to thousands of families,” said Alejandro Perilla, director of the ASU Center for Community Development and Civil Rights.

“The American Dream Academy demonstrates all that Salt River Project believes in: building a strong community and empowering individuals to improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones,” said Mark Bonsall, SRP’s incoming general manager.  “We are proud to continue to support an essential and exemplary educational program.”

The American Dream Academy is the signature program at the Center for Community Development and Civil Rights within ASU’s College of Public Programs. The academy has partnered with more than 125 Title 1 schools in the Phoenix metropolitan area, reaching more than 19,000 low-income parents. The free 10-week program teaches parents how to create a positive learning environment at home in preparation for post-secondary education. More than 41,000 Maricopa County K-12 students have a parent who has attended an American Dream Academy program.

For parents interested in attending any of the 24 available programs starting Aug. 9, visit for a list of school locations.