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ABOR sets tuition for upcoming academic year

March 11, 2010

The Arizona Board of Regents approved ASU’s tuition proposal for academic year 2011 at ABOR’s regular meeting. The level of tuition for Arizona undergraduate students will depend on a student’s year of entry.

The level of tuition is determined by the cost of delivering a quality education and the extent to which that cost is offset by state funding. ASU’s state funding has been cut by $104 million, or 26 percent per full-time equivalent student since the beginning of fiscal year 2008. State funding is now $5,971 per full-time-equivalent student, which is down from $9,151 (adjusted for inflation) in 1999. On a per-student basis, state funding is at 1983 levels. 
(See a PDF chart).

The university has already absorbed more than $45 million of the $104 million state funding cut through eliminating more than 1,200 jobs, closing programs and consolidating schools. Federal stimulus funds helped cover some of the difference, but those funds expire after this year, leaving tuition as the only option for recovering the remaining shortfall.

Affordability is determined by what students actually pay, not by the stated tuition rate, or list price. Three out of four Arizona undergraduates pay less than tuition list price because they receive financial aid. The average financial aid award is more than $9,000 per student. ASU has already seen a significant increase in financial aid applications from its new and continuing student populations for the 2010-2011 academic year. ASU encourages students to complete the federal application for student financial assistance (FAFSA) – in order to activate the financial aid process for next academic year.

Even with this proposed increase, ASU’s tuition list price is lower than most other major research universities. For example, students at Penn State pay more than $14,000 per year, University of Minnesota students pay more than $10,000, and those at Ohio State pay almost $8,700. Last year, the Princeton Review named ASU one of the best educational values in the nation. 

Today’s ABOR decision followed a process that included extensive review and analysis, public hearings and public and private deliberation.

Tuition list rates for academic year 2011 (starting Fall 2010) Tuition % increase
Continuing Resident Undergraduates at the Tempe and Downtown Campuses
(entered FY07 and FY08 and still subject to tuition commitment)
Continuing Resident Undergraduates at the Polytechnic and West Campuses
(entered FY07 and FY08 and still subject to tuition commitment)
$6,373 13.7%
Continuing Resident Undergraduate (entering 3rd year of tuition commitment) $6,988 12.9%
Continuing Resident Undergraduate (entering 2nd year of tuition commitment) $7,322 12.5%
New Resident Undergraduates and students no longer subject to tuition commitment
Non-Resident Undergraduate $20,257 5.0%
Resident Graduate $8,509
Non-Resident Graduate $22,058

Mandatory fees will increase by $2 to $335 per student. These fees are not included in tuition.


Terri Shafer

Sharon Keeler