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Abbott, Marchant article published in 'Sustainability'

July 21, 2010

An article by Professors Ken Abbott and Gary Marchant, “Institutionalizing Sustainability Across the Federal Government,” was published in the July issue of the new journal, Sustainability.

According to an abstract of the article, a notable aspect of sustainability is its holistic and cross-cutting nature – it cannot be achieved by any single rule, statute or agency. Instead, sustainability must be institutionalized across the legal system and government as a whole. Abbott and Marchant examine five mechanisms for institutionalizing sustainability across the federal legal system, each modeled on an existing institution in the United States or another jurisdiction. They discuss and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each mechanism, and how the mechanisms might best be used to institutionalize sustainability across the federal government.

To read the article, click here.

A leading scholar in international law, Abbott’s teaching and research focus on the interdisciplinary study of international law and international relations, including public and private institutions, environmental issues, development policy, global health, and international trade and economic law. He is a Willard H. Pedrick Distinguished Research Scholar, a Faculty Fellow in the College’s Center for Law, Science & Innovation, a member of the College’s Center for Law and Global Affairs Advisory Board and a Professor of Global Studies at ASU, where he co-directs the global environmental governance program.

Marchant is Executive Director of the Center for Law, Science, & Innovation, and the ASU Lincoln Professor of Emerging Technologies, Law and Ethics. His research interests include the use of genetic information in environmental regulation, risk and the precautionary principle, legal aspects of personalized medicine, and regulation of emerging technologies such as nanotechnology, neuroscience and biotechnology. Marchant teaches courses in Environmental Law, Law, Science & Technology, Genetics and the Law, Biotechnology: Science, Law and Policy, and Nanotechnology Law & Policy. He also is a professor in ASU’s School of Life Sciences.

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