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Abbott, Gartner paper on climate fund financing circulated online

Ken Abbott
September 27, 2011

Professors Kenneth Abbott and David Gartner call for a change in the finance plan of the Green Climate Fund, which is set to be established by 24 participating countries’ governments at a meeting in November in Durban, South Africa.

Abbott and Gartner’s policy paper, “Governing the Green Climate Fund,” is featured on the Brookings Institution website and the homepage of the Earth Systems Governance Project site. The paper will be recommended to policy-makers and others interested in climate change and financing organizations.

Abbott’s teaching and research focus on the interdisciplinary study of international law and international relations, including public and private institutions, environmental issues, development policy, global health, and international trade and economic law. He also has a faculty appointment in the ASU School of Global Studies, where he co-directs the global environmental governance program. Abbott is a member of the editorial boards of International Theory, the Journal of International Economic Law and the Journal of International Law and International Relations.

Gartner teaches Constitutional Law, International Institutions, Foreign Relations Law, and Global Health Law and Policy. His current research focuses on the role of innovative international institutions and non-state actors in shaping international law and the response to global challenges in areas such as global health, development, education, and the environment. He is a Nonresident Fellow at the Brookings Institution and a term member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Megan Stewart,
Office of Communications, College of Law