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7 myths of travel writing

November 14, 2011

Many people believe that travel writing is a cushy job: You go somewhere exotic, write about it, and get paid big bucks.

But that’s a simplistic view, says travel writer Dan Fellner, who teaches a course on travel writing at ASU’s Polytechnic campus.

In an article by Tim Leffel on, Leffel spells out the “seven myths of being a travel writer." The myths are:

1. Travel writers make enough money to live on.

2. Editors are hungry for travel stories from new writers.

3. A destination is a story


4. Readers want to hear every detail about your personal experiences.

5. Travel magazines love long stories.

6. You write a story and get paid as soon as the story is published


7. All your travel expenses will be covered

Fellner endeavors to present both sides of the picture, however.

“I try to present a realistic picture to students about the field," Fellner says. "A lot of people want to be travel writers and it can be challenging – especially in the beginning – to get published. Having said that, I’ve had students in the class get their stories published. Others have set up websites or blogs and have had their work seen that way.

"So with hard work, talent and a lot of perseverance, students find they can experience success in what is a very challenging field.”