2012 President's Award for Innovation

ASU values innovative contributions and recognizes ASU faculty and staff who have developed creative and inspiring projects and programs that address one or more of the challenges before us. This award provides formal recognition to ASU teams that have made significant contributions to ASU and higher education through the creation, development, and implementation of innovative projects, programs, initiatives, services, and techniques.

Camp Game

“Does playing video games mean that I can easily make one?” 

Trying to dispel this common teenage myth is Camp Game, an established and popular summer enrichment program for middle and high school students in video game design and development. Started as an experiment in 2004 at New York University, it has been fully developed and implemented at ASU since 2007.  Camp Game has grown from offering one program to 25 high school students to several programs that attract over 120 students from both middle and high school grades. It caters to all skill levels and students can choose from spending one week or the entire summer depending on the program.

Camp Game provides a comprehensive understanding of the video game production pipeline with emphasis on Level Design, Video Game Art and Game Programming. It educates the students on the inner-workings of the video game industry by using state of the art game tools and technologies. After attending Camp Game, students understand the value of a well-rounded education and the need to focus on science and math for earning a career in the game industry.

Team Members
Ashish Amresh, College of Technology & Innovation (CTI), Department of Engineering
Arnaud Ehgner, CTI, Department of Engineering
Glenn Craver, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Geoff Wall, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Ryan Scott, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Tracy Fairfield, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, School of Art
Suzan Braun, CTI, Department of Engineering
Tyler Kilbourne, CTI, Department of Engineering
Jennifer Kostic Dunn, CTI, Department of Engineering

CTI iProjects Program

The College of Technology and Innovation’s iProjects Program engages large numbers of CTI students in solving external partner’s problems. Such engagements result in students’ creative solutions to real-world problems, helps embed CTI within the community and industry, and creates authentic practice-oriented learning experiences for students that result in increased competencies and, often, employment by the external sponsor.

The College of Technology and Innovation on the Polytechnic campus has developed as a college that values learning in context (often also called engaged learning and hands-on learning). CTI’s academic programs infuse authentic experience in the educational experience through realistic projects and problems that mirror the experiences our students will encounter in their professional careers.  Students work on interdisciplinary teams which may include a broad spectrum of skills, such as management, technology, engineering, computing, psychology, and the natural sciences. 

Industry-sponsored iProjects bring students and industry together to find solutions to real-world challenges in aviation, robotics, environmental mitigation, software and more.  Today most CTI seniors participate in authentic projects, and external engagement is growing rapidly.  Academic programs have been restructured, and space has been developed for student teams. This model has transformed the college and now is core to CTI’s mission.

Team Members
Chell Roberts, College of Technology & Innovation (CTI), Dean’s Office
Scott Danielson, CTI, Engineering Technology
Anshuman Razdan, CTI, Department of Engineering
Kevin Gary, CTI, Department of Engineering
Kelley McManus, CTI, Dean’s Business Office
Cheryl Roberts, CTI, Fiscal & Business Services
Suzan Braun, College of Technology & Innovation, Dean’s Office
Deborah Combs, CTI, Fiscal & Business Services
Jennifer Kostic Dunn, CTI, Dean’s Office