ASU’s move from the Pac-12 to the Big 12 — along with the University of Arizona, Colorado and Utah — was announced in August 2023, but it became real when the conference’s 16 teams gathered for a two…

Mountain America Stadium

ASU begins its inaugural season in the Big 12 and brings with it a history that includes 148 national championships.

Computer language

Arizona State University’s Nadya Bliss, who was named chair of the Computing Community Consortium on July 1, is heavily engaged in national efforts on how to anticipate potential harms new technology might pose before they take root in society. Here, she discusses her new white paper on the topic.

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Arizona State University's presence in Washington, D.C. amplifies our institutional voice in national conversations, generates attention and interest about ASU on an international platform.

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It's really important for us to have ASU students using this equipment to be employable the day after they graduate and that they stay in Arizona. We need these brains to stay here, and we’re so proud to be part of this.” Read the story

Barbara Dow One of the donors behind the Scott and Barbara Dow Lab, ASU’s newest analytical and physical chemistry teaching facility outfitted with nearly $1 million of cutting-edge industry instrumentation

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