Due to the natural yet rehearsed nature of his performances, each show has the unique element of a new crowd every time — an independent variable that can alter moments of the show. Sobelle jokes that it makes some performances more interesting than others, but that people are endlessly interesting nonetheless, particularly in his newest performance, "FOOD."

“It’s always so hard to say what the audience can expect from 'FOOD' because there's a lot of surprises in the show. I'm hoping that it will allow them to see their everyday life in a new light,” Sobelle said. “We want to focus on the relationship and history to food, flavor, preparation and all of those things. I'm hoping that it's the kind of thing that stimulates a lot of conversation after the show.”

While Sobelle’s "FOOD" is performed around the world, he is particularly excited to return to ASU Gammage. After performing "HOME" there in October 2019 and participating in ASU Gammage's Digital Connections series with an online performance in 2020, Sobelle has been able to form meaningful connections at ASU.

“I have a very big debt of gratitude to ASU Gammage with putting a lot of faith in me and co-commissioning my work," Sobelle said. “It’s really amazing and incredibly important in this theater ecosystem. I love the experience of being there in Tempe. It's a super cool audience and great space — I’m super excited to come back.”