Dance alum Brayden Guentzel ('23 BFA in dance) will be traveling all the way to New Zealand and Australia with Princess Cruises. Carley Conder, clinical assistant professor of dance, told Guentzel about the audition in December after he expressed interest in entertainment and cruises.

It was Guentzel’s first and only audition after graduating from ASU. He was pleased to accept the position and started rehearsing this summer in Los Angeles.

“I haven’t danced this much in a long time,” Guentzel said. 

He’s rehearsing for 10 productions and 50 different dances in those productions to be performed for guests each week. 

Guentzel said his production responsibilities at ASU helped prepare him for the Princess Cruises position. He has to take care of his own costume, and also has to know about lighting design and how to run a show. 

“I know what that means because of ASU,” Guentzel said.

Along with dancing, Guentzel will also perform duties and work on the ship in hospitality. On his days off, he’ll get to explore some of the many countries the ship will be porting at.

From the student's perspective, this is full-time work doing what they've been trained to do; that's a gift in our industry, and not usual,” Fitzpatrick said. “The chance to get paid to travel around the world? What a great gig!” 

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Written by Benjamin Adelberg