Broadcast Education Association ranks ASU Cronkite School No. 1 overall

April 11, 2023

Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication is once again the top overall school in the Broadcast Education Association’s ranking of schools based on the creative achievements of their students.

The school ranked No. 1 in the Overall Programs, Top Winning News Programs and Top Winning Sports Programs categories. It also ranked second in the Top Winning Documentary Programs.  Broadcast Education Association (BEA) school rankings graphic Download Full Image

Cronkite also finished as the top overall school in 2022, the first year the BEA began ranking schools.

“This is really reflective of the commitment by our faculty, our staff and our students to excellence in broadcast education, and this also reflects the strength of our facilities and our curriculum,” said Dean Battinto Batts Jr., dean of the Cronkite School. “We get fantastic students from all over, and they come to participate in our program under the direction of our fantastic faculty here at Cronkite. This is a point of pride for us.”

The rankings are based on the results from the past five years of the BEA Festival of Media Arts contest, known as the preeminent international media competition focused on student and faculty creative endeavors. During that time, nearly 6,000 student creative works were submitted from more than 300 member institutions around the globe for BEA’s extensive juried process. 

In recent years, ​​the Cronkite School has dominated the contest. Cronkite won 31 awards this year, including 12 first-place prizes, marking the 13th time in 14 years that the Cronkite School has finished ahead of all other colleges around the country, including winning the most news division awards.

So, what has been the key to the Cronkite School’s success?

“It’s the hands-on experience that you get here at Cronkite through all of your classes every step of the way. From the time you come here as a freshman, you’re working with some of the best people who are in the industry,” said Nicholas Hodell, a sports journalism major who is graduating in May. 

Autriya Maneshni, a journalism and mass communication major who is also graduating in May, won four awards at the contest. Her awards included a Best of Festival prize, the highest honor at the festival. 

The Cronkite’s School’s diversity, along with the guidance provided by its professors, are among the reasons why the school is consistently among the BEA’s top schools, she said. 

“The students here at the Cronkite School are just some of the most diverse and unique students I have personally ever met. We all come from so many different backgrounds and bring so many different ideas and perspectives,” Maneshni said. “The faculty helps us refine and turn into these awesome impactful stories that we get to tell, so I think that’s a huge reason why Cronkite received this No. 1 ranking for a second time.”

The BEA rankings evaluate schools by measuring the quality and consistency of students’ creative works from one participating institution compared with others. While BEA has been systematically evaluating student work for more than 30 years, the annual rankings are based on the past five-year period of student success. 

In the 2023 BEA Festival School Rankings, winners represent 170 schools. The statistics from the previous five years are compiled and confirmed by the BEA Festival Advisory Committee, which is made up of past festival chairs and creative directors.

Written by By Sierra Alvarez

Ambassador supports prospective transfer students in MyPath2ASU program

April 11, 2023

Starting his collegiate career at Eastern Arizona College, Manuel Aparicio successfully balanced his studies with student athletics as a member of the school’s football program, in addition to serving as a wildland firefighter.

Inspired by his parents to pursue higher education, Aparicio credits them for their hard work and sacrifices that enabled him to continue with his education. Upon completing his associate degree, Aparicio decided to attend Arizona State University because of the diverse campus community and opportunities within the health care field. He now provides support for others on their transfer journeys as a transfer student ambassador. Portrait shot of Manuel Aparicio Manuel Aparicio Download Full Image

“As a first-generation community college graduate coming from a diverse background, I feel that I have the ability to connect with prospective transfer students and to help them feel encouraged, accepted and confident in their decision to become a member of the Sun Devil family.”

Seeking his bachelor's degree in medical studies in the College of Health Solutions, Aparicio plans to attend dental school and become a practicing dentist after completing his program in spring 2024. He shares more about providing support to prospective students in the MyPath2ASU program.

Question: Why did you choose your major?

Answer: I liked the opportunities that it will provide when I join the health care field.

Q: What have you enjoyed most about your ASU experience so far?

A: The chance to connect with other transfer students and developing relationships within and outside of the university community.

Q: Are you involved in any clubs, organizations, research or internships?

A: I’m currently a member of the pre-dental club and work as a transfer student ambassador within Academic Alliances at ASU.

Q: Were you involved in any clubs or organizations at your community college?

A: I was a student athlete as a player on the football team.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to a new transfer student?

A: Don’t be worried about talking to others and making connections.

Q: Is there anything else that you would like to share?

A: I enjoy volunteering and continue to work with the Bureau of Land Management in Safford as a wildland firefighter. My current and past work and extracurricular activities have helped me develop as a team leader as well as a team player. I have learned how to be an active listener and to communicate clearly while being considerate and inclusive. I thrive when working with others and really enjoy meeting and befriending new people.

Melanie Pshaenich

Coordinator senior, Office of the University Provost, Academic Alliances