Onigiri crafting event raises funds for Sun Devil Giving Day

March 20, 2023

On March 16, a large group of Arizona State University students and employees met up in the SILC Cafe at Durham Hall on ASU's Tempe campus to take part in "Onigiri for #SunDevilGiving."

The event, held in honor of Sun Devil Giving Day, was modeled after the previously held Onigiri Action event by the School of International Letters and Cultures, where participants can make their own onigiri. Onigiri is a traditional Japanese food consisting of rice formed into a triangle or oval shape, seasoned with various ingredients and wrapped with dried seaweed. Six individuals, students and faculty of the Japanese department smiling at the camera in front of a table with bowls of rice, a rice cooker and seasoning placed on the table. Students and faculty of the Japanese department at their Sun Devil Giving Day onigiri-making event. Photo courtesy School of International Letters and Cultures/ASU Download Full Image

The event was organized by Japanese Lecturer Kumiko Hirano Gahan and overseen by Japanese department students and faculty.

Japanese rice for the onigiri was donated by IRIS USA, a home goods and storage container manufacturer, and the event also raised awareness about the issue of world food security.

Through introducing people to Japanese culture and cuisine, the event not only emphasized ASU's global reach and cultural diversity, but also served as an opportunity to promote donations that support scholarships for students.

Sun Devil Giving Day encourages supporters to give to the university's programs and causes in order to foster a culture of giving among the ASU community. By participating, donors have the opportunity to support some of ASU's most important causes, including advancing student access, creating equity in higher education, conducting research for the public good, serving our community and protecting the planet.

Thanks to the donation from IRIS USA and the volunteers of students and teachers from the Japanese department, the event was able to successfully raise funds for scholarships and other global experiences. 

Editor, School of International Letters and Cultures