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New courses offer boost for working learners looking to level up their professional skills

ASU CareerCatalyst launches on-demand 'Professional Skills For Everyone' series

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September 27, 2022

It’s no secret that advances in technology are changing the U.S. workforce and in-demand career skills with accelerating speed. 

The half-life of many technical skills is less than 2.5 years. In this rapidly changing environment, soft skills — like communication, emotional intelligence and teamwork — are becoming increasingly vital and provide a clear advantage in the talent marketplace. 

"We frequently hear from employers that soft skills are important for employees at every level," says Meredyth Hendricks, head of ASU CareerCatalyst.

“Candidates with strong professional skills are highly valued by employers because they demonstrate an ability to fit into new working environments, to collaborate effectively with colleagues, and to continue to learn and develop over time,” she said.

That’s why ASU CareerCatalyst has launched a series of new courses that aims to raise the bar on soft skills education for working learners. 

CareerCatalyst, the career education focus area within ASU’s Learning Enterprise, collaborates with experts from across ASU’s schools and colleges in the development of career education programs. CareerCatalyst programs have served more than 164,000 learners in the past year. 

The Professional Skills For Everyone series combines cross-disciplinary expertise from ASU experts with engaging, industry-leading technology and pedagogy. 

The result is a series of on-demand programs that equip learners with skills they can put into practice immediately and give professionals a competitive edge in rapidly-changing workplaces.

Training for real-world scenarios

Sending clearer emails. Effectively managing conflict. Leading successful meetings. 

Professional Skills for Everyone teaches skills that learners can use immediately — and that’s by design. 

“We worked with faculty from disciplines across ASU, including business, psychology and more, many who are leading experts in their fields,” says Stuart Rice, director of learning design at CareerCatalyst. 

“We focused on distilling the most impactful skills into digestible, actionable tips. Every skill is placed into a real-work context — not a theoretical one — so learners can walk away with career-catalyzing skills right away.” 

Learners will also earn ASU-backed certificates and digital badges to add to their resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

At $49 per course and $149 for a four-course certificate, the Professional Skills For Everyone series is designed to be accessible for users. 

The series will consist of nine certificates, with courses covering the most impactful professional skills.

Certificates available now:

  • Decision-making: Explore decision-making strategies to save time, prevent mistakes and position yourself for leadership roles. 

  • Resilience: Explore ways to effectively manage stress, increase positive thinking and more.

Certificates coming soon:

  • Communication. 

  • Digital intelligence.

  • Collaboration.

  • Conflict management.

  • Culture.

  • Strategic thinking.

  • Feedback and coaching.

“Learning is a life-long journey,” says Maria Anguiano, executive vice president of ASU Learning Enterprise. “At ASU, it’s our mission to break the rigid and linear design of the traditional U.S. education system and provide more economic opportunities for all. 

“To that end, we’re harnessing the tremendous assets and expertise from across the university and making these learning opportunities accessible to all.”

Written by James Knutila, senior writer, ASU Learning Enterprise.

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