November 9, 2021

Advancing a major research enterprise dedicated to solving the world’s toughest challenges requires both visionary leadership and a solid understanding of the complex operations that keep labs safe, funds flowing and equipment humming. Matthew Hulver will bring both to Arizona State University when he joins the Knowledge Enterprise as vice president of research on Dec. 6.

Hulver is currently executive director of the Fralin Life Sciences Institute at Virginia Tech, which is dedicated to improving the human condition by supporting innovative environmental and life sciences research, education and outreach. He is also a professor in human nutrition, foods and exercise and a scientist who has studied the adaptation of human metabolism in response to changes in diet and physical activity.

Hulver says he chose to accept the position at ASU because its charter provides clarity of purpose and a call to action.

“ASU is focused on solving the world’s grand challenges and educating at scale — and doing it with excellence. It’s exciting to be part of it,” he said.

Hulver’s broad academic and leadership experience was a key factor in his selection. He has served as executive director of a major research institute, assistant dean, department head, animal care and use committee chair, graduate program director and tenured faculty member. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed publications, taught undergraduate- and graduate-level classes, and mentored dozens of student dissertations and theses.

“The diversity of Matt’s experience will allow him to excel in this role. He has real boots-on-the-ground experience both as a researcher and a leader,” said Sally C. Morton, executive vice president of ASU Knowledge Enterprise. “He is also an energetic, thoughtful intellect.”

As vice president of research, Hulver will be responsible for identifying and deploying strategies to grow and diversify ASU’s research enterprise, which is one of the fastest growing in the nation. He will collaborate closely with colleges, schools and departments to support their ongoing research and develop plans for the future. He will also hold a faculty appointment in the College of Health Solutions.

“There are a lot of processes that are necessary to run a research enterprise, from sponsored projects to regulatory compliance to core facilities,” Hulver said. “How can I help scale up this already robust organization to meet our ambitious goals for the future? I want to eliminate barriers so that our faculty and staff can focus on what they do best.” 

Neal Woodbury has been serving in both the vice president for research and chief science and technology officer roles.

“I am extraordinarily grateful to Neal for stepping up and taking on multiple roles,” Morton said. “The continued growth and impact of our research enterprise — even during a pandemic — is evidence of his inspiring and tireless leadership.”

Woodbury will focus on his role as chief science and technology officer, charting a long-term, pan-university vision for ASU research. He will work closely with Hulver and Morton to move the university toward its goal of expanding the research enterprise and its value to the communities it serves.

“We have a responsibility to our faculty, our students, our state and our global community to advance discovery that serves the public good,” Morton said. “We have an exemplary team to fulfill that responsibility, and I am excited to work together to accelerate our positive impact.”

Director , Knowledge Enterprise Development