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Zipcar arrives at Downtown Phoenix campus

August 19, 2008
Parking and Transit Services has expanded the presence of the car-sharing program, Zipcar, by shifting one of the cars in the university’s fleet to ASU’s Downtown Phoenix campus.

On Aug. 4, ASU students, faculty and staff welcomed the addition of a Toyota Yaris to the University Center Garage at the Downtown Phoenix campus. PTS celebrated the occasion by holding an event in the University Center lobby, raffling off prizes from local restaurants and shops and providing refreshments. The festivities provided a chance for one-on-one interaction between PTS staff and prospective Zipcar members, who had the opportunity to learn about the program and take a personal look at the Yaris in its reserved parking space in the UCENT Garage.

The response to the highly-anticipated arrival of the Zipcar was one of excitement from current Zipcar members as well as those who had never heard of the program.

“This [Zipcar] is an excellent program, and I’m glad to see it expanding to the Downtown Phoenix campus,” says Elaine Sweet, assistant dean of University College. “It is in keeping with the university’s commitment to exhibit green initiatives. It encourages not only practicing personal reduction in driving, but doing so in a sustainable fashion.”

Zipcar, the world’s largest car-sharing company, provides low-emission, fuel-efficient vehicles for use by its members. Zipcar at ASU makes it possible for employees and students to take an alternate form of transportation to campus, but still have access to a vehicle should they need one during the day.

“As people start using the transit system in Phoenix for commuting, if they need to make short, quick errands, Zipcar is the way to do it,” says Sandra Burris, assistant dean for the College of Public Programs.

Zipcar is also a viable transportation option for residence hall students who did not bring a car to campus.

“It’s wonderful for students to not have to pay for maintenance, insurance and gas for the little bit of time they use the vehicle,” adds Burris.

The Yaris is for the use of any Zipcar member. Faculty, staff and students ages 18 and older can join for a $35 annual fee and, for a limited time, will receive $35 in driving credit when they open an account. Rates for the Yaris and other vehicles in the ASU Zipcar fleet start at $9 per hour and include gas, maintenance and insurance.

ASU community members interested in learning more about Zipcar or signing up for a membership can visit