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University offers safety resources

November 04, 2008

ASU is committed to providing an inclusive, healthy environment.  In order to achieve this, the university offers multiple resources to foster the open exchange of ideas and ensure that all members of the university community are safe and secure.  ASU resources for both areas are listed below.

Fostering Open Exchange

Arizona State University is proud to encompass four diverse learning environments that share a commitment to fostering the free and open exchange of ideas among individuals with varied backgrounds, lifestyles, perspectives and traditions.  The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education & Institutional Inclusion, the Campus Environment Team, and the Office for Developing Transformational Leaders help to foster the respect, tolerance and civility essential to maintaining a collegial atmosphere that supports excellence in scholarship, free speech and academic freedom.

Safety, Security and Climate

ASU does not tolerate verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation, threats or violence of any kind.  The university resources listed below are available to assist in supporting a positive and protected environment and, in some cases, to take appropriate disciplinary action against anyone who attempts to disrupt this environment.  Please contact the relevant university office if you have been the victim of any verbal or physical harassment, or if you have witnessed any similar behavior being perpetrated on another member of our community.  ASU will take reasonable steps to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the parties to the extent appropriate and consistent with the conduct of a thorough investigation and in compliance with applicable federal and/or state laws.  

Human Resources Office of Diversity

The Office of Diversity Staff is available to investigate and resolve allegations of unlawful discrimination or harassment.  Call (480) 965-5057 or visit for more information.

College Deans’ Offices

Students with concerns related to harassment, discrimination, or abuse in the classroom or college should first contact their dean’s office.  If resolution within the college is not sufficient or the incident occurs in a non-academic setting, contact the Student Affairs Dean’s Office on the student’s campus (below).  A full list of ASU colleges is available at

Student Affairs Dean’s Office

Students are encouraged to contact the student advocacy professional at the Student Affairs Dean's Office.

Downtown: (602) 496-1215

Polytechnic: (480) 727-1060

Tempe: (480) 965-6547

West: (602) 543-8152

ASU Department of Public Safety (DPS)

Call 911 in case of emergency or (480) 965-3456 to file a report.

ASU also provides an anonymous campus safety and compliance hotline service to the university community that is available 24/7, every day of the year.  An individual wishing to use the hotline can call 1-877-SUN-DEVL (1-877-786-3385) and remain completely anonymous.  More information about the hotline is available at:

The successful realization of ASU’s vision for a new standard in higher education relies on the continued cohesiveness, respect and collaborative achievements of our university community.  ASU is uniquely fortunate to be comprised of countless talented, diverse and compassionate individuals and each one of us shares a significant responsibility to nurture and protect this special environment.  Please do not hesitate to maximize the resources available for this purpose or to contact the Human Resources Office of Diversity at (480) 965-5057 with any questions or concerns you may have.  The Office of Diversity staff is available to investigate and resolve allegations of unlawful discrimination or harassment.