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Traffic problems at First and Polk streets

December 12, 2007

Arizona State University and Phoenix police officers have noticed a substantial increase in the number of traffic violations at First and Polk streets.

Many motorists are not stopping at the southbound stop sign in this area. Some cars are not even slowing down prior to driving through the crosswalk/intersection. Drivers who fail to stop will be issued citations when violations are observed by police.

Some drivers aren’t stopping while pedestrians are in the crosswalk, posing a serious threat to ASU students, faculty and staff. Many motorists who are observed committing these violations park in the UCENT garage.

Pedestrians should use crosswalks and take extra care when crossing the street in this area. Although they have the right of way in the crosswalk, motorists don’t always yield when they should. Pedestrians also cannot impede traffic when crossing streets. Keep in mind that construction in the area increases potential hazards.