In their words: Freshmen blog about student life

<p><img src="; alt width="200" height="60"></p><separator></separator><p><em>Throughout the semester, a select group of ASU freshmen will be blogging about their first year as Sun Devils. In the same way that graduation serves as a milestone marker for both students and the university, the freshman year experience is one of significant formation as it sets the foundation for academic excellence.</em></p><separator></separator><h2><br>Marina Celaya, biochemistry major</h2><p><a href="">Forming friendships from all over the place<br></a>Be it her labmates, classmates or dorm mates, Marina says it's easy to make new friends - and she offers some advice on how to form friendships.</p><separator></separator><p><a href="">The perks of studying and living together</a><br>As Marina settles into campus life, she discovers the benefits of living with students, some of who are also in her classes.</p><separator></separator><p><a href="">Settling into campus life</a><br>With her belongings unpacked and her dorm room decorated, Marina is spending the few days before classes adjusting to campus life and making new friends.</p><separator></separator><p>&nbsp;</p><separator></separator><h2>Priya Challa, aerospace engineering major</h2><p><a href="">Thinking ahead to next semester</a><br>Along with attending some of the homecoming events on campus, Priya spent some time last week thinking ahead and selecting her courses for next semester.</p><separator></separator><p><a href="">Study groups pave way for building friendships</a><br>Halfway through her first semester at ASU and Priya has found that study groups with her classmates, as well as her dorm mates, is not only a huge help but a great way to make new friends.</p><separator></separator><p><a href="">Never a dull moment</a><br>Priya is learning what it takes to have a successful college experience. So far it includes staying on top of syllabi, joining student sports clubs and trying new cuisines in the dining hall.</p><separator></separator><p><a href="">Home sweet dorm</a><br>Now that Priya is settled into her dorm room, she reflects on what it's going to be like to live with others in her residence hall.</p><separator></separator><p>&nbsp;</p><separator></separator><h2>Mark Krystinak, biological sciences major</h2><p><a href="">Debunking college stereotypes</a><br>For Mark, debunking some classic college stereotypes in favor of what a true university experience can be like has been a turning point in his first semester of college.</p><separator></separator><p><a href="">A colorful Sun Devil spirit</a><br>Mark reflects on how certain colors have sentimental meaning when it comes to showing school pride.</p><separator></separator><p>&nbsp;</p><separator></separator><h2>Chelsea Medbury, exploratory health and life sciences major</h2><p><a href="">Homecoming: A true Sun Devil experience</a><br>Chelsea writes about experiencing her first homecoming week as a Sun Devil.</p><separator></separator><p><a href="">Selecting a study spot</a><br>With Greek-life activities and homework keeping her busy, Chelsea has found the key to a great study session: Find a great spot.</p><separator></separator><p><a href="">Road trip to San Diego</a><br>After a busy first few weeks of school, Chelsea and her friends take a well-deserved long weekend in San Diego.</p><separator></separator><p><a href="">The fall welcome week experience</a><br>Chelsea is not your typical college student, but as an entering freshman in the Barrett Honors College, she is having the typical college experience. In this blog, she writes about what she likes about her residence hall, and what it was like to attend Fall Welcome events.</p><separator></separator><p>&nbsp;</p>