Swimming and diving falls to Stanford

<p><a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/stats/2010-2011/stanasuresul… Stats</a>&nbsp;(Women)|&nbsp;<a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/stats/2010-2011/stanasuresul… Stats</a> (Men)</p><separator></separator><p><!--StartFragment--></p><separator></separator><p class="MsoNormal"><strong>&nbsp;</strong>Despite falling as a team to the top-ranked Cardinal, the Arizona State women's swimming team showed moments of inspired swimming on Saturday. Following the men's dual meet, the ASU women lost to Stanford 120-174.</p><separator></separator><p class="MsoNormal">Junior <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/ejdervik_rebecca00.html"… Ejdervik</a>, who has been a consistent force for the Sun Devils, once again took home the top spot in the women's 100-yard breaststroke with a time of 1:02.19. Teammate Penelope Yamauchi touched in close behind with a B standard time of 1:02.71.</p><separator></separator><p class="MsoNormal">Junior <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/green_jordyn00.html">Jor… Green</a> also touched the wall in first place in the 200 breaststroke, an event which saw a one, two, three Sun Devil finish. Green recorded a time of 2:16.37 with Yamauchi (2:16.73) and Ejdervik (2:18.64) close behind.</p><separator></separator><p class="MsoNormal">The 200 IM relay of <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/kyle_kelli00.html">Kelli Kyle</a>, Ejdervik, <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/kuczynski_caroline00.htm… Kuczynski</a> and <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/haron_katie00.html">Katie Haron</a>, which had out touched the Cardinal squad back in November at the Arena Invitational in Long Beach, Calif., finished a close second to Stanford a little over a second behind with a time of 1:41.97.</p><separator></separator><p class="MsoNormal">In the morning meet, the Arizona State men fell to No. 3 Stanford 122-168. The turn out for the event was spectacular and the Sun Devils swam in front of an exuberant home crowd. Between the women's and men's meets the seniors, competing in their final home meet for the Sun Devils, were honored on the bulk head. Diver <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/pasanella_chris00.html">… Pasanella</a> and <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/jumer_brittany00.html">B… Jumer</a> and swimmers <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/ruane_nolan00.html">Nolan Ruane</a>, <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/caldwell_samantha00.html… Caldwell</a>, <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/garrett_shannon00.html">… Garrett</a>, and <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/haron_katie00.html">Katie Haron</a> were all honored for their contributions to the Arizona State program.</p><separator></separator><p class="MsoNormal">Sophomore <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/mccormick_riley00.html">… McCormick</a> and Junior <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/blaha_constantin00.html"… Blaha</a> finished one and two in the men's 1-meter dive. The reigning Pac-10 Champion scored a 361.80 in the event, while Blaha scored 348.23 for second. In the men's 3-meter, junior <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/bradshaw_cameron00.html"… Bradshaw</a> finished second to Stanford's Brent Eichenseer with a score of 354.75.</p><separator></separator><p class="MsoNormal">In the men's 200 fly, junior <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/yamashita_yutaro00.html"… Yamashita</a> finished second with a time of 1:55.29, gaining momentum on his second and third laps to pass Stanford's Mason Shaw for the No. 2 spot. <a href="http://thesundevils.cstv.com/sports/c-swim/mtt/glander_ryan00.html">Ryan Glander</a> also finished second in the 200 back, touching in with a time of 1:55.07.</p><separator></separator><p class="MsoNormal">The Arizona State men's and women's swimming program next competes against instate rival Arizona in Tucson on Feb. 13, while the men's and women's diving programs compete in the US and Canada Winter National Championships held simultaneously in Iowa City, Iowa and London, Ontario, respectively.</p>