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Students win newest iPads in ASU Advisory contest

Mariam Alhabidi
May 02, 2012

Mariam Alhabidi literally could not believe it when she heard that her name was drawn as a winner in an ASU Advisory contest to win one of two new Apple iPads.

“I was screaming, running. I told all of my friends. They said that ASU is giving you a present,” she said.
Alhabidi, an ASU international student from Saudi Arabia majoring in global technology and development, is set to graduate from the university in December. She had just been lamenting with her friends that the one thing she was missing as a student was an iPad.

“I need it for everything,” she said. “It’s an iPad!” 

The contest to encourage members of the ASU community to sign up for ASU Advisory awarded two iPads and $50 gift certificates to Sun Devil Campus Stores. All students, faculty and staff who are signed up to receive ASU Advisory messages were eligible for the contest.

Sierra Justman, an online student from Holbrook, Ariz., was the second iPad winner.

“I was shocked! I never win anything so it was a good surprise!” she said.

Justman, a junior majoring in psychology who is planning to eventually move to Tempe, is grateful she’s signed up for ASU Advisory.

“The ASU advisory messages will be a huge help once I am in the Tempe area. It is nice to know when there are suspicious people in the area and also when there is a fire or something,” Justman said.

ASU Advisory messages are sent to the university community during situations that may not be life-threatening, but typically affect certain campus areas. Examples include a small fire in a building during off hours, or flooding in a building that will affect classes that day. Messages are sent through text messaging, personal email accounts and an RSS feed.

ASU Advisory is considered a tier below ASU Alert messages that communicate primarily life-threatening situations to the ASU community through a variety of methods. Situations when ASU Alert messages are sent include a major fire or incident involving a firearm on and around campus. By signing up for ASU Alert, students, faculty and staff find out about an incident in the most immediate fashion.

For more information and to sign up for ASU Alert and Advisory, visit