Students to serve peers for Thanksgiving holiday

<p>For many university students, the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is their last chance to spend with family before the rush of the end of the fall semester. But for some Arizona State University students, especially out of state and international students, home is too far away to visit for the long weekend. <br /><br />ASU students who were concerned about fellow students with no place to go wanted to do something special, so the Student Nutrition Council (SNC) at ASU’s Polytechnic campus will host Thanksgiving dinner for about 150 students and their families from the Polytechnic and Downtown campuses from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Nov. 25. <br /><br />The council influences proper nutrition techniques, education and support, and promotes proper nutrition knowledge and knowledge of nutrition related careers. But the event is not about eating healthy. <br /><br />“We are putting on the Thanksgiving dinner because we wanted to present an activity to help out our peers, and not just those interested in nutrition,” says Taylor Wellwood, SNC public relations officer and a junior majoring in dietetics.&nbsp; “I know from firsthand experience that it is difficult to not be able to go home and spend the holiday with family. Instead of spending time alone on Thanksgiving, ASU students can be a part of our family and join us for a traditional Thanksgiving meal.”<br /><br />In addition to eating, many activities, both passive and active are planned, from playing football to watching it on big screen TVs. <br /><br />The council sought donations from the ASU community as well as companies to be able to make this event a success.<br /><br />&nbsp;“Companies like Bashas’, Fry’s, Sprouts and others have made donations of food, and monetary donations have come from many faculty and staff at ASU Downtown and Polytechnic campuses,” says Patric “PJ” Lespron, junior dietetics major and vice president of the SNC.<br /><br />Those volunteering to organize the event are recruiting their own families to get involved, while others won’t be alone, again, according to Wellwood.</p><separator></separator><p>“For me, I'm staying here without my family on Thanksgiving so I am happy this event is taking place because I don’t have to spend it alone, and I can help out other students in the same position,” she says. <br /><br />If you are a student located at ASU’s Polytechnic or Downtown campuses and have no place to go for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, your peers are interested in serving you dinner on Thanksgiving day.<br /><br />Students must RSVP to ensure enough turkey for everyone! For registration and information, contact Carol Carr, SNC Polytechnic secretary, at <a href=""></a>.</p><separa… Contact:</strong><br />Christine Lambrakis<br /><a href=""></a><br />480.727.1173</p>