Student organization promotes international engagement

At Arizona State University, there are many organizations that participate in the global engagement of students. AIESEC not only participates in this, but makes it part of its mission.

AIESEC is an international student organization that facilitates international exchange, promotes leadership development and global understanding, and gives students a platform to develop themselves personally and professionally.

AIESEC at Arizona State gives students the opportunity to have an international internship experience. Internships are offered all over the world, range from eight weeks to a year and a half, and require skills that range anywhere from education, management, community development and technical. Members of AIESEC Arizona State match applicants to the internship that is right for not only the student, but the people the student will be working with abroad. Alongside this, members also partner with local businesses to bring international students here on these internships.

AIESEC also aims to globally engage students right here on campus. The organization puts on events every semester such as Global Village, an event that showcases international internship experiences previously had by ASU students and promotes cultural consciousness. AIESEC participates in other global events on campus as well as in the community.

In addition to these efforts, AIESEC is constantly trying to reach out to students about global affairs, reasons to travel, and the benefit of a global experience. This is achieved through posts on AIESEC Arizona State‚Äôs Facebook and Twitter, as well as updates to our local, national, and international websites.  

In everything it does to engage students globally at Arizona State University and around the world, AIESEC constantly promotes its vision and mission for global cooperation and understanding. The organization believes that a global mindset and the connection of young people to international matters are foundations for a better world.

ASU students not only have the opportunity to go abroad on an AIESEC internship, they have to opportunity to apply to become a member of AIESEC at Arizona State. The organization accepts new members at the beginning of both the Fall and Spring Semesters.  AIESEC recruits globally minded, entrepreneurial students in aims of providing them with the skills and values that make them strong leaders of tomorrow.  While it is not required to be a member of AIESEC to go on an internship, it is a way to get involved on campus to make an international impact at a local level.  

For more information on how to go on an international internship, how to become a member, what events AIESEC will be hosting or participating in, any inquiries about the organization, or any general questions, visit or contact us via email at or You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter @aiesecaz.