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Social work professor to serve on Arizona Geriatrics Society board

November 17, 2011

Teri Kennedy, professor of social work and director of the Office of Gerontological Social Work Initiatives, has been elected to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the Arizona Geriatrics Society for a two-year term effective January 2012.

Kennedy previously was named associate editor representing social work to the Interprofessional Associate Editorial Team of the journal of the Arizona Geriatrics Society in 2010.

“Through my service with the Arizona Geriatrics Society, I seek to increase the visibility and advance the role of social work in the development of professional skills in geriatrics and gerontology and opportunities for interprofessional education, practice and collaboration," Kennedy said. "I’m delighted to be joining the board of this vibrant professional organization.”

The mission of the Arizona Geriatrics Society is to advance geriatric health care for older Arizonans by supporting the development of professionals in geriatrics and gerontology committed to improving and developing best practices in healthcare for older adults.
The Arizona Geriatrics Society, founded in 1942, is an affiliate of the American Geriatrics Society. Originally a physician-based organization, it expanded its membership base to represent a multidisciplinary constituency in 1996.