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Seven ways Changemaker Central can help entrepreneurs succeed

November 20, 2013

Whether you are just starting out at Arizona State University or midway through your academic journey, finding the resources you need to succeed can sometimes be challenging. Thankfully, Changemaker Central serves as a centralized hub to connect entrepreneurs with the proper tools to get started.

Below are just some of the opportunities that are open to all students.

1. Meet with a Change Agent. Changemaker Central is staffed by student “Change Agents,” who will help you self-identify what you are looking to accomplish. Are you an entrepreneur? Or, are you simply looking to connect with like-minded people on a specific cause? A Change Agent will then arm you with helpful tips to navigate your journey.

2. Turn your ideas into reality by applying for the Innovation Challenge. Unlike other competitions, the Innovation Challenge is perfect for those who are in the beginning phases of their business. To apply, create a two-page executive summary and 10 PowerPoint slides that explain how funds will be allocated and the product sustained. One of the perks of the competition is that each team is required to have a mentor who will provide feedback on your plan. The deadline to apply is Nov. 24, so get started now.

3. Attend the Clinton Global Initiative University summit.Those who apply to the Innovation Challenge have the unique opportunity this year to apply to be an attendee at the event on March 21-23, 2014. To be eligible for the early application deadline on November 22, 2013, complete your application for the Innovation Challenge (executive summary and slides) and submit an application to CGI U that details your commitment to action. The last chance to apply is before the final deadline of January 17, 2014.

4. Take advantage of office hours and workshops. To further help students prepare for the Innovation Challenge and Clinton Global Intuitive University, Changemaker Central staff hold office hours on all four campuses to answer questions that may arise in the application process. Informational sessions and workshops are also offered at designated times.

5. Utilize the free services within the Changemaker space. The center itself has white boards, smart-technology televisions, a multitude of working spaces and conference-style tables. Hold planning meetings or just come down and brainstorm. Oh, and did we mention that this is all free?

6. Attend the Startup Summit at the Polytechnic campus on January 25, 2014. Receive help with business pitches, meet with experienced faculty members, network and much more.

7. Join the entrepreneur ecosystem at ASU. When you speak with a Change Agent, ask about the service offered by the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Group. They can get you directly connected to things like the Rapid Startup School and the Edson Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Questions? Email or stop by the Changemaker Central location on your campus.