Service award luncheon pays homage to longtime ASU employees

<p>The Sun Devil Service Award Luncheon is a special university celebration, managed by the Office of Human Resources and played host to by the Office of the President, that recognizes classified and administrative staff, faculty, and academic and service professionals who are celebrating 25-, 30-, 35-, 40-, 45-, 50- and 55-year anniversaries and those retiring with 25 or more years of continuous service to ASU.</p><separator></separator><p>Joining ASU President Michael Crow in honoring employees at the March 6 luncheon and award ceremony were Christine Wilkinson, senior vice president and secretary of the university; Paul Ward, vice president for university administration and general counsel; Carol Campbell, executive vice president and chief financial officer; James Rund, vice president for university student initiatives; and Matthew McElrath, associate vice president and chief human resources officer.</p><separator></separator><p>The honorees included:</p><separator></separator><p><strong>55 years of service </strong></p><separator></separator><p>Jacob Fuchs, chemistry and biochemistry.</p><separator></separator><p><strong>40 years of service </strong></p><separator></separator><p>Mary Anderson-Rowland, industrial engineering; Barry Burg, history; David Foster, languages and literatures; Ted Humphrey, Barrett, The Honors College; John Martin, School of Human Evolution &amp; Social Change.</p><separator></separator><p><strong>35 years of service </strong></p><separator></separator><p>Robert Cialdini, psychology; Geoffrey Clark, School of Human Evolution &amp; Social Change; Thomas Eckert, School of Art; Theodore Guleserian, philosophy; Christy Hansen, philosophy; Hendrik Kuiper, mathematics and statistics; Stephen Mackinnon, history; Bruce Merrill, journalism and mass communication; Cheryl Miller, MBA Programs Dean&#39;s Office; Thomas Nash, School of Life Sciences Administration and Faculty; Leanne Nash, School of Human Evolution &amp; Social Change; Larry Nies, mechanical services; Stanley Parkinson, psychology; Louis Smith, history; Gerald Snyder, Office of Executive Vice President Business and Finance; Howard Sullivan, psychology in education; Richard Trelease, School of Life Sciences administration and faculty.</p><separator></separator><p><strong>30 years of service </strong></p><separator></separator><p>Manuel Aroz, Fulton School academic affairs; Stephen Batalden, Russian-East Europe Studies; Jay Boyer, English; Daniel Britton, School of Art; William Clark, School of Life Sciences administration and faculty; Barbara Colby, CLAS undergraduate programs; Raymond Coronado, Residential Life; Rosa Corrales, student financial assistance; Walter Cosand, School of Music; Richard Dagger, political science; Paul Darst, physical education; William Davey, international programs; Michael Dorman, speech and hearing science; Brent Dunlock, University Technology Office; Lawrence Earle, HVAC services; Carole Edelsky, curriculum and instruction; Dennis Ederer, university student initiatives; Nancy Eisenberg, psychology; Paul Estes, languages and literatures; Stuart Fisher, School of Life Sciences administration and faculty; James Foard, religious studies; Glenn Hackbarth, School of Music; Richard Haefer, School of Music; James Hajicek, School of Art; Karen Hammann, Office of Executive Vice President and University Provost; Randel Helms, English; Sylvia Hernandez, custodial services; Nemi Jain, Hugh Downs School of Communication; David Kaye, College of Law; Jean Lingle, ASU Stores; Gary Lowenthal, College of Law; Daniel Matlaga, School of Earth and Space Exploration; Madge McBurney, information resource management; Katie McClendon, residential life; Kathleen McCoy, curriculum and instruction; Lee McPheters, Center for Competitiveness and Prosperity Research; Ana Moore, chemistry and biochemistry; Thomas Moore, chemistry and biochemistry; Morris Okun, psychology; Sandra Pizzarello, chemistry and biochemistry; Vincent Price, paint services; Seth Rose, chemistry and biochemistry; Mary Rushton, chemistry and biochemistry; Robert Rutherford, curriculum and instruction; Susan Selkirk, School of Earth and Space Exploration; George Seperich, Morrison School of Management and Agribusiness; Edmund Stump, School of Earth and Space Exploration; Deborah Sullivan, School Social Family Dynamics; Mark Sunkett, School of Music; Hoyt Tillman, history; Orville Turner, building automation systems; William Verdini, supply chain management; Ed Warren, custodial services; Sam Wheeler, University Business Services; Madeline Williamson, School of Music; Alex Zautra, psychology; Cindy Zisner, Institute of Sustainability.</p><separator></separator><p><strong>25 years of service </strong></p><separator></separator><p>Richard Ashley, political science; Tedd Brandon, Harrington Department Bioengineering; Gene Burger, paint services; Philip Christensen, Mars Space Flight Facility; Elizabeth Claire, technical services; Joseph Comfort, Department of Physics; Timothy Cook, Department of Physics; Paul Cook, English; Barbara Crowe, School of Music; Marilyn Dantico, political science; James Demars, School of Music; Timothy Diel, technical services; Anne Feldhaus, religious studies; Jody Flores, CLAS advancement; Scott Forbes, custodial services; Beckian Goldberg, English; Jeff Halberg, Eight/KAET-TV public television station; Paul Harper, University Technology Office; Lise Hawkos, School of Art; Richard Hervig, School of Earth and Space Exploration; Bill Hetke, University Technology Office; Robert Hinks, Department of Engineering; Shirley Hutchings, Herberger College of Fine Arts; Ruth Jones, Office of Executive Vice President and University Provost; Kathleen Jones, library-government documents; Nancy Jurik, justice and social inquiry; Kevin Kadell, mathematics and statistics; Steven Kaplan, School of Accountancy; John Kennedy, research and special projects; Herbert Kern, University Technology Office; Mark Klett, School of Art; Jeffrey Klopatek, School of Life Sciences administration and faculty; Stephen Krause, School of Materials; Donna Landers, kinesiology; Daniel Landers, kinesiology; Pat Lauderdale, justice and social inquiry; Margie Leyva, student financial assistance; Ronald Liggins, custodial services; Dee Marsh, School of Health Management and Policy Administration; Lawrence Miller, engineering technical services; Donald Miller, computer science and engineering; James Morin, disability resources; Robert Moroney, School of Social Work; Melinda Mullahy, University Technology Office; Jeffrie Murphy, College of Law; Neil Nicolaisen, engineering technical services; Ronald Nieman, chemistry and biochemistry; Jill Olson, Morrison School of Management and Agribusiness; Richard Pasichnyk, Noble Library reference services; Marta Pecuch-Herrero, mathematics and statistics; John Quigg, mathematics and statistics; Theodore Reingen, marketing; Alberto Rios, English; Lily Ritchie, technical services; Ronald Roedel, electrical engineering; James Roth, School of Life Sciences administration and faculty; Ramendra Roy, mechanical/aerospace engineering; Johnny Saldana, School of Theatre and Film; Lynne Sauve, university registrar; Thomas Schildgen, Department of Technology Management; Dieter Schroder, electrical engineering; Sandra Sewell, senior vice president and university planner; Marilyn Shipp, University Technology Office; Jean Stutz, applied biological sciences; Virginia Sylvester, library-access services; George Thomas, School for Global Studies; Jeffrey Thomson, School for Theatre and Film; Ignatius Tsong, Department of Physics; Stephen West, psychology; James White, School of Art; Lun-Shin Yao, mechanical/aerospace engineering; Ann Zell, Fulton School academic affairs; Paul Zuzich, institutional planning and research.</p><separator></separator><p><strong>Honored retirees </strong></p><separator></separator><p>Jacob Fuchs, 55 years, chemistry and biochemistry; John Reich, 41 years, psychology; William Stone, 40 years, exercise and wellness; William Moor, 38 years, industrial engineering; Barbara Ann Vanderhoff, 38 years, university libraries; Ronda Ridenour, 37 years, university libraries; Howard Sullivan, 36 years, psychology in education; Christy Hansen, 35 years, philosophy; Larry Nies, 34 years, university services; Bill Tillery, 33 years, physics; Peter Haynes, 32 years, School of Justice and Social Inquiry; James Fieberg, 31 years, School of Justice and Social Inquiry; Madeline Williamson, 31 years, music; Dennis Ederer, 30 years, university student initiatives; Randel Helms, 30 years, English; Madge McBurney, 30 years, information resource management; Sandra Pizzarello, 30 years, chemistry and biochemistry; Avi Singhal, 29 years, civil engineering; Lawrence McIntosh, 28 years, student business services; Kristi McFarland, 27 years, Office of Executive Vice President and University Provost; Susan Schneider, 27 years, student business services; Judith Baker, 26 years, campus health; Tedd Brandon, 25 years, Harrington Department of BioEngineering; Dee Marsh, 25 years, School of Health Management and Policy Administration.</p><separator></separator><p>For more information about the Sun Devil Award for Service, visit the Web site <a href="">www.asu…; or contact Joan Faherty at (480) 965-0033.</p><separator></separator><!-- InstanceEndEditable --> <div id="contactInfo"> </div> <!-- end contactInfo div --> </p>