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School for the Science of Healthcare Delivery to enroll first students this fall

May 21, 2013

The landscape of health care is changing rapidly, and to keep up, Arizona State University launched the School for the Science of Health Care Delivery earlier this year as an educational program focused on improving health care outcomes and healthy lifestyles.

The patient-centered, cost-effective health care system development program is the only school (that is not a part of a medical school) to combine expertise from integrated health care, health promotion and science programs at ASU.

The school will enroll its first students in fall 2013; it appeals to a diverse student looking to provide solutions to complex health care challenges before others see them. The school offers students a unique Master of Science in the Science of Health Care Delivery degree, where students will be encouraged and mentored to take risks to achieve these solutions. The school is currently accepting applications into the program and hopes to develop and offer a hybrid program to students in the near future.

For questions about the Science of Health Care Delivery, visit the school’s FAQ webpage or contact them through the school's website.

Written by Caitlin Cole