Scholarship makes all the difference for freshman

Everardo Llamas

He’s a budding psychologist who is the first in his family to attend a university. And thanks to his good grades and great attitude and work ethic, Everardo “Ever” Llamas is the latest recipient of the Buzz Sands Chevrolet Scholarship. Llamas is pursuing his degree through ASU’s New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences on the West campus.

Llamas, a freshman who graduated from Maryvale High School in Phoenix, is one of four brothers being raised by a divorced mother. He is determined not to be the last member of his family to go to college.

“Knowing that I am a first-generation student has motivated me to set a great example for my younger siblings,” Llamas said. “I am extremely proud that I went straight from a high school to a university.”

Receipt of the Sands scholarship has better enabled Llamas to concentrate on his studies, which he expects to lead him to a career helping others. He knows that getting where he wants to go might require him to continue his education beyond a bachelor’s degree.

“I am currently studying to be a psychologist due to my life experiences,” he said. “I always wanted to help people who struggle within their lives. I enjoy helping people, and my goal and mission is to make that person feel important and put a smile on their face. Everyone deserves to be happy.”

Llamas himself seems to be quite happy with his experiences to date at ASU. “I appreciate how New College has helped me make the transition from high school and how they care for their students,” he said. “If I need help, they are there to help me in so many ways.”

Sarah O’Neal, a New College academic success coordinator who taught the introductory freshman seminar class that Llamas took in the fall, says he hasn’t been bashful about opening himself up to new experiences at the West campus. She says he especially likes attending the great variety of events offered at the West campus. “Ever even brought his family and girlfriend to some of the events because he had so much fun,” O’Neal said.

“I like knowing what is going on around campus,” Llamas said. “I read the fliers posted on the walls and try to get involved as much as I can.”

The positive impression that Llamas made on O’Neal paid off, as it led him to the Sands scholarship. “Ever emailed me to see if there were any scholarships available. He was missing lunch because he didn’t have money to buy food,” O’Neal said.

Llamas is grateful for the support of the Buzz Sands Chevrolet Scholarship.

“I couldn’t thank the donor enough,” he said. “This scholarship made a huge difference in my career since financial issues tend to slow me down a lot. But that does not stop me. I dodge this problem by keeping my GPA high and by researching scholarships.”

“Ever is just one of literally hundreds of current and future New College students whose lives can be transformed through receipt of a scholarship,” said Elizabeth Langland, the college’s dean. “No student should be denied the opportunity to reach his or her potential because of financial constraints. We are committed to increasing the level of support we provide to deserving New College students through scholarship awards.”

For information regarding support of New College scholarships, contact Herschel Fink, the college’s development officer, at (602) 543-5308 or